and this shall be the new portrait

Hello everyone, Nice of you to come by the site.

First off... don't be alarmed with all this text... normally there will only be an ounce of this.... but there's a year's worth of news I gotta get out there...

That SPLASH PAGE you just came from will change frequently. Whenever you see a new image there, you know something on the site has been updated. Afterwards, check here first when you visit the site. I will try and be pretty on top of putting any news items, new works, shows or just recent interests. That way you'll know right away if things are new or if you don't need to waste your time browsing the works you've already seen and grown tired of (hopefully not grown tired of).

- as far as new works are concerned, there's a heck of a lot of them. Normally I'll talk about the new works one by one, but for now:
          - there's a lot of new woodcuts
          - a new book called EVERYONE WE NOSE which is some transfer
            prints of noses I am familiar with sitting on the number 1
          - some new sketches
          - some new sound collages
          - a bunch of series started such as: fake book covers &
            a couple video pieces (unfinished)
          - a new triptych poem
          - and probably a lot more i am forgetting

- also, an apology is in order. In these first few months you'll find a bunch of categories on the site which don't seem to have much content attached. These are projects that I've either started or started brainstorming but have yet little to show. I wanted to put them on the site to get a feel for layouts and to let people know things are coming. So if you get to stunted browsing in any category... well here's that apology and a hope that you'll check back soon

- specifically, I am started 2 new video projects with Adam Robinson. We are shooting a video called AS BEST I CAN which is a series of shots of me performing acts to the best of my ability. At the age of 28 I feel that my abilities have reached their peaks and I am at the point of my life where I am now on the decline (perhaps even past that point). We wanted to document me doing things AS BEST I CAN to have a record before I start to dwindle down to a feeble old soul. Some of these things might be: holding my breath as long as possible, jumping as high as I can, looking/smiling as nice as I can, etc.  The second video we are working on is called GOD BLESS YOU NEW YORK CITY... I'm excited for that one, but I don't want to give away too much.

Lastly, I've been asked to participate again in the Lucky Draw auction at the Sculpture Center wherein I will be auctioning a forthcoming woodcut. When I know more details I shall pass it along


    - music -
                    John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band
                    Paul Simon (Paul Simon album)
                    Daniel Johnston (Is and Always Was)
                    Tenniscoats (Two Sunsets)
                    Doug Cheatwood

    - film/tv -
                    Dexter Season 1
                    A Serious Man (Coen Brothers)
                    The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

    - arts -
                    Tim Burton MoMA exhibition
                    Travis Robertson's Archivalist #4
                    Graham Roumieu comics
                    2009 America's Best Comics

    - literature -
                    Mental Floss Magazine
                    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (J.S. Foer)
                    Big in Japan (Chin Music Press - J Po designed)
                    Eating Animals (Jonathan Safran Foer)

    - other -
                    moroccan cured olives
                    D'Affinois double cream cheese with honey butter
                    Big carrots