and this shall be the new portrait

I've posted the 2nd incarnation of the PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH subtle street art series. It can be seen HERE.  This is only the second in this series of attempting subtle street art. I think my favorite part about these, is that the directive is so vague but also seemingly sincere. It is because of these two factors that I have hopes of these pieces being ambiguous enough to stay up for a little bit of time at least. Well.... that and the heavy-duty all weather adhesive I use to put them up. In fact, while I was installing this little guy a man walked past and said "don't touch what?"  at first I didn't respond, but when he inquired again, I just said "I'm not sure yet" and he let out a half laugh and kept walking.

I also wanted to mention to those huffart-fans who have $18 that they'd like to get rid of... The reason these pieces come up so rarely is that they cost about $18 to make. While that does not seem like a lot, it is enough to make me want do them sparingly. But if anyone were interested in being a part of this process, you could certainly fund an installation via an $18 paypal-ment and I would dedicate and installation in your name. If perchance anyone is silly enough and $18-too-rich, feel free to email me:

There is also a new series started in PROCESS PIECES called THINGS I KNOW/FEAR. Click HERE to view.

I've also been working this weekend on a two color woodcut, or rather MDF-cut from my sketches in Europe. One of these prints, if good enough, will be my piece in the forthcoming Lucky Draw Auction at the Sculpture Center. I will post images as the cutting begins. I am excited to try this new medium of MDF because it's cheap, cuts pretty nicely so far, and is large enough to allow for larger works.

On a non-art note: Just today I heavily reduced the amount of follicle mayhem atop my head & face. With a haircut and a beard-shave I am single-handedly battling Punxsatawney Phil's declaration of a longer winter regardless of the snowy battlefield my newly-shorn top must face.

Lastly, I'll keep you privy to what I've been intaking as of late...


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