and this shall be the new portrait

And a good day to you all.

I've posted a whole slew of new images to CAMERAPHONOGRAPHY. If you wish to see the new stuff first, I would suggest scrolling backwards using the left arrow. I may take the time to put the new stuff first, but that will take more time than I have right now.

There will be some more news coming regarding these images, so check back soon. Otherwise, if you missed the things that are now still kind of new but not really as new as they once were, well...
            - 2 new PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH pieces are posted
            - 4 new images in a series called THINGS I KNOW/FEAR
            - my CAMERAPHONOGRAPHY images are now exhibited online at the
            - a couple new test woodcuts that can be viewed HERE

Lastly, I am now working on a 24", 2 color woodcut as well as preliminary sketches for the third installment to the series 24 HR CHRONICLES...  As well,  a couple new tidbits of music-making on my new recording set up are forthcoming perhaps

So that's whats new, and as Biggie told us "If you don't know, well now you know"... or was it Busta?


    - music -
                    Avett Brothers (myspace page)
                    Johann Johannsson
                    Toby Goodshank ~ Mogo on the Gogo (live)
    - film/tv -
                    Dexter Season 4

    - arts -
                    the paintings of Roger Shimomura
                    Gustave Courbet

    - literature -
                    Mental Floss Magazine
                    Underground (Haruki Murakami)
                    The World As I See it (Albert Einstein)