and this shall be the new portrait

The Sculpture Center's Lucky Draw is tonight with a couple of my pieces mixed into the show. If anyone's in NYC and wants to spend a weirdly-lot of money to bid on some art of mine (as well as the likes of Vito Acconci, Louise Bourgeois and others) - tonight's the night to do it. I will be standing near the back of the room eating cheese and drinking wine.

This past weekend Dutch made it up to Brooklyn for the last of the Spring Facebreaker Sessions. Now 1/2 the group is busy on all weekends until July, but we made some good progress on editing one song previously recorded as well as laying down 3 new tracks for an upcoming Documentary called "Change is gonna come" Clips of each of these tunes should be on the website soon and we are a step closer to finishing the album.

A new project is underway. I like the idea of the olden days of men sitting around playing cards with risque poses of semi-nude illustrations on the faces of their cards. So I'm working on 52 nude-woodcuts that will be turned into a pack of playing cards. I am aiming to sell a pack of cards (52 separate reproductions of my woodcuts) and an actual print for $35. Does that sound like a fair price? Anybody interested? If so let me know via email to: and I'll start figuring out how many packs I should order.

Otherwise, if you missed the things that are now still kind of new but not really as new as they once were, well...
            - I wrote 2 new little triptych poems
              that can be viewed HERE & HERE
            - 2 new PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH pieces are posted
            - 4 new images in a series called THINGS I KNOW/FEAR
            - my CAMERAPHONOGRAPHY images are now exhibited online at the
              FORWARD THINKING MUSEUM as well as a whole slew more HERE
            - a couple new test woodcuts that can be viewed HERE

Lastly, I am now working on a 24", 2 color woodcut as well as preliminary sketches for the third installment to the series 24 HR CHRONICLES...  As well,  a couple new tidbits of music-making on my new recording set up are forthcoming perhaps



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