and this shall be the new portrait

If you've been keeping up with the huffart news, you'll remember I was in an auction the other week for the Sculpture Center. I am happy to say that my piece went pretty early in the selections of the auction to a tall gentleman whose name I forget. I also got to drink some wine while eating greenbeans, so that's always a good time. Though it's no time to brag, I am happy to say that my piece went before the Vito Acconci and Christo pieces.

The first color has been printed for the new print AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. This 26" 2 color print is a response to an earlier work called IT ALL USED TO MAKE SO MUCH SENSE, which can be seen in the PRINTS category in the SANS SERIES section at the end.

and here is some of the battleground that took place on my hand as I was trying to extend my weird colored Statue-of-Liberty-esque green to be only partially opaque for this first color. It turned out a bit darker than I originally intended but perhaps the blue lines atop it on the next round will work together???

Also, I am continuing to work on my 54 woodcuts for a deck of woodcut-nudie-playing-cards. I like the idea of the olden days of men sitting around playing cards with risque poses of semi-nude illustrations on the faces of their cards. So I'm working on 54 nude-woodcuts that will be turned into a pack of playing cards (52 plus 2 Jokers). I am aiming to sell a pack of cards (54 separate reproductions of my woodcuts) and an actual print for $35. Does that sound like a fair price? Anybody interested? If so let me know via email to: and I'll start figuring out how many packs I should order.

I also have put together designs and some materials research for a new dining table I am building for Fiamma and I. Here is a small diagram. It looks a little silly in this diagram but with the antique wood and the black iron piping and candle holder bits it should be real great I hope:

Otherwise I have been pretty busy, but have been putting together some music ideas with my new software and hardware.



    - music -
                    The Extraordinaires - Short Stories
                    Sidney Bechet
                    Jonsi - new album and upcoming concert
                    David Bazan - going to see his house show next week
                    Stravinsky - going to see Petrushka next week
                    Ween - Cucaracha
    - film/tv -
                    new banned MIA video - viewable temporarily HERE
                    Brothers Bloom
                    Inglorious Basterds on my iPhone last night

    - arts -
                    Jing Wei Woodcuts

    - literature -
                   Mental Floss Magazine
                   rereading BLUEBEARD by Vonnegut