and this shall be the new portrait

Though there have not been too many new works posted to the site, know friends, that I have been busy indeed. And here's what I've been up to:

~ Dutch and I have been working on 3 tunes for a forthcoming Documentary called CHANGE IS GONNA COME. The songs are still being edited and finished, but when they're ready for presentation I'll put them in the SOUND section of the site for sure.

~ I designed a CD for Stephane Wrembel this past month. Stephane and I have worked on 3 albums together thus far, and while it's not the best design we've ever done as I was limited in colors as well as imagery that I could manipulate, it is still going to turn out pretty nicely I think. If you actually get ahold of the tangible album you'll find that you can rotate the discs themselves on top of the cardboard sleeve and thus align up text that runs across both at certain angles. Here are a couple pics below. The album should be out on May 21st:

~ I am now also about 16 images deep into the sketches for the forthcoming nudie playing card woodcuts that I hope to sell in the near future. For $35 you will get a pack of 54 separate woodcut reproductions in playing card form for your functional entertainment, as well as an actual print from the series. Not a bad deal eh? Below is an image I shot on the old iPhone of one of the less realistic depictions. A funny one though I think:

~ I also have been working away at the woodcut AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. There's still a good bit more to cut, but I am making progress. Unfortunately, I just cut off my favorite toe in the whole piece last wednesday, but hope that other toes will take its place as my favorite as I continue cutting. Again, here's an iPhone shot:

~ I also am about ready to put together a book of all of my iPhone daily pictures. You can peruse said pictures HERE. Now that I have about 300 good ones, I think its time to put together that book. I am unsure the price yet, but my aim is to charge only $1 more than cost. If you like seeing the daily pics and want a print version - email me HERE.

~ One day a long time ago when I was apparently in a faux-confrontational mood, I wrote an Amazon Customer Review for a book of Medieval Woodcuts because I thought it was unfairly reviewed priorly. Just today I notice that a Professor from Scotland seconded my have-at-you response. click HERE for the fun

That's about all the news for now. Oh, actually, there's a musing HERE



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