and this shall be the new portrait

The last real painting I put effort forth on was never actually realized. It went unfinished because situations in life changed wherein painting (was not at that point the right outlet). It started as a diptych and sat next to my drafting table up until a week ago. While doing some cleaning, I noticed the heavy wood panels and thought, "I probably will not ever finish this painting." And due to my needs to minimize unnecessary clutter in my apartment, I decided to put the painting out with the trash. I gave it one last look and shot a few pics because, even though the content was no longer relevant, I still was somewhat pleased with the craft of the application of paint as well as the unfinished look of paintings.
Inasmuch, I will put the new images in the paintings section of my site and they can be viewed HERE (just click to the right once and you'll see the work)... Aaanyways, to finish the story, I put the painting out in the trash on a Sunday afternoon, and by Sunday night it was gone. Now I am sure the trash does not pick up on sunday evenings, so I am sure someone must've taken it of their own volition. What I am unsure of is whether or not they liked the work or they just needed 2 pieces of wood. Anyways, I like when my paintings disappear. And someday I'll get back on that horse and paint again.

Congratulations goes out to Johnny Lisko > Recipient of a gift woodcut for his vigilence and loyalty to this very site. Thanks again good buddy.


In other news, I put up a few new drafts of song snippets that we wrote for a forthcoming documentary called CHANGE IS GONNA COME documentary. You can hear these little songs HERE , HERE and HERE

In other news still, I made a little woodcut of cheese that I hope to print and hand color sometime within the next week or so. Brooklyn College Print monitoring has ended, so my strict once/week mandated studio time is now a bit more lax... which leaves me with more TJ-time, but less forced-opportunities to keep printing. In the meantime I am still cutting away at AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY as well as sketches for the NUDIE CARD DECK.

In non-TJ-related news ~ my special lady friend Fiamma Piacentini just had her first book released. It is an art book on the food Enrique Olvera of PUJOL and Mexico City culture. It's delightfully large and beautifully made... as soon as there is a link available I will post it here. In the meantime, click the above names for links to their works.