and this shall be the new portrait

~ Now I know that I often start series and move ever so slowly to finish because I come up with other series ideas before the prior ones are fully realized.... buuuuut... I thought of a new series called POST NO BILL

This message is spray painted all over false-walls in NYC while construction is being done in an effort to stop any advertisements. But I thought it funny if I make woodcut portraits of famous Bills like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and the like and post them just above these messages. I've started my first drawing of Bill Cosby but it will take a lot more character added to the lines before it looks less boring than this:

~ I've also finished the drawing for Johnny Lisko's appreciation print which will be in "mailer size" and thus be added to the MAILER series.

~ I am also still working on the drawings of the deck of nudie cards and the cutting of the print AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY.

~ music is on a temporary hold as Dutch is Mr. Busy-Pants with his weddings and moving... but soon there'll be more.


~ crackers are delicious with lemon-lime gatorade.