and this shall be the new portrait

There's lotso new stuff - so let's dive right in eh?...

~ My nephew Logan can now crawl. Way to go little guy... it took me a long time to do so... I had a few month-interim period of wiggling on my belly and using my arms to drag me across'd the floor using chair legs as anchors... I'm proud of your maneuverability.

~ I got engaged to 1 Fiamma Piacentini. She promised she'd hang out with me until we get old and wrinkly... so that's good news eh?

~ I am in an artshow called AS SEEN ON TV and is part of Beta ArtSpaces Bushwick - LINK HERE - I will be exhibiting 2 pieces. 1 new and 1 old. The first is a digital collage called PEOPLE IN PICTURES OF MARILYN MONROE THAT AREN'T MARILYN MONROE. And the other is an older painting called EXHUMATION AND ELEGY and can be seen HERE (scroll to the right a few to see this painting). The show is November 12th if you're in the NYC area.

~ Dutch and I are putting some final touches on the FACEBREAKER album and have some newer tunes posted HERE.

~ I also wrote a little song for the FORWARD THINKING MUSEUM. It is a little theme music to go with their videos. I used camera-bits for the percussion and played all the other instruments myself and you can hear the clip HERE.

~ I finished 3 smaller woodcuts recently:  The first is called BUT INDEED THE CANDELABRA and is the first time I've used watercolor on my woodcuts. The second is another hand-colored woodcut called AND MY FATHERS BEFORE ME. And the third is my next installment in the mailer series. These prints fit perfectly into envelopes and are mailed out to people. It's called THANKS FOR LOOKING. click on the titles if you want to see the works ~ some of them you gotta scroll to the right a couple to see the particular work I am talking about - but that's a fun little ride to get there right? and don't forget to take a look at the details of each.

~ I also am midway through the lino-cut for a book cover for Mark Horosky's new book of poetry called MORE FRISK THAN RISK. I will show some pics here when the cut is done... but better yet you can view it atop some great poetry if you purchase the book which is available through FLYING GUILLOTINE PRESS.

~ I also have finished 63 drawrings for the NUDIE PLAYING CARD DECK woodcuts. I need to shave 11 drawrings off the list and then start the cuts. It is the first time that I've been wanting to show a whole series of works in a gallery setting in a long time. So that's the uppity part of seeing the work... but of course I am also going to reproduce them all in playing-card-size so people can buy them cheaply and play some card games with my cuts. I will share some pics as I start the cutting... but here's a phone-pic of the wall in my studio where they currently sit and await the rest of the process (some other drawrings mixed in that shot too)

~ I've also started the initial brainstorming for the Album Art for UZI OCTOPUS' new album DEAR MR. BUSDRIVER. That is the alias for the new music of Aaron Gause and it's amazing. I will soon have the imagery as well as a link to some of the tunes up here.

~ Along the music lines, I've also started some preliminary work on an idea I had called FOLKS CHANGE. It's going to some solo recordings of purely-analog instruments re-interpreting some folk tunes and it could turn out great or it could turn out boring. I hope to couple this music in cd format with a booklet of woodcuts and triptych poems .

~ Also in the mix, I am finishing the a larger woodcut called AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. images soon to come.

~ As for non-TJ art... there's a great show coming up by the CANNONBALL PRESS people. It's called PRINTS GONE WILD and is some of the best woodcutting this day and age. Info HERE. I'll be there Friday night for sure.



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                    Yo La Tengo ~ POPULAR SONGS
                    K.O. At Home (Karen O home recording)
                    MIA's song BORN FREE off of her new album
                    Michael Jackson's  EARTH SONG
                    Penguin Cafe Orchestra
                    Howe Gelb ~ Allegrias

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                    Mad Men Season 2
                    This Is It (MJ documentary)
                    Misheard Lyrics Guy's Yellow Ledbetter video
                    Radiolabs WORDS short video
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                    THE BIG SLEEP ~ Raymond Chandler

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