and this shall be the new portrait

Hello friends, let's get right down to business: 

~ I've finished a yearlong project with the FORWARD THINKING MUSEUM of submitting a picture a day to their site from me and my iphone. They've done a nice spread of the whole year of my photos on their front page which can be viewed HERE.

~ In accordance with that, I am assembling a self-published book of a selection of those iphonographical photos entitled BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHY. I am unsure how many photos will be in the edit yet, but probably somewhere between 200 and 400. If you like the photos (which can be viewed also HERE and on my facebook HERE) and are interested in a copy of the book please feel free to email me.

~ I am finishing up a large print that I've been working on for a while entitled AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. It is a response to an earlier piece called IT ALL USED TO MAKE SO MUCH SENSE which can be found near the end of this group of prints HERE. Here is a photo of Mousetrap trying to distract me from the last 20 hours of cutting that it needs before it gets its 2nd color printed.

~ Dutch has returned from his monthlong Nepal trip, the holidays are over, so we will soon resume FACEBREAKING and putting the final touches on our first album which is exciting.

~ Otherwise, no new artshows coming up these days.



    - music -
                    Pure Guava (Ween)
                    Symphony no. 4 (Gustav Mahler)
                    Brighten the Corners (Pavement)
                    At the Pershing (Ahmad Jamal courtesy of Adam Hopkins)

    - film/tv -
                    Modern Family
                    Charlie Chaplin's THE KID
                    Fantasia 2000
                    True Grit
                    The Fighter
                    The Kings Speech
                    The Black Swan
    - arts -
                    R.B. Kitaj
                    Antonio Lopez Garcia

    - literature -
                    Dance, Dance, Dance (Haruki Murakami)

    - other -
                    loose leaf tea
                    salted, chocolate almonds
                    salads to curb the holiday grease