and this shall be the new portrait

It's been a solid amount of time since I last checked in with some news so let's get down to business:

~ I was in the  Lucky Draw art auction for the Sculpture Center again this year. Sorry for not mentioning it earlier but tickets are like $450 or something so I don't think anyone'd want'to've joined for that chunk o change. While I think it was my best submmission, my work wasn't picked as early as previous years... but that's ok... both Claes Oldenburg and Mark Dion weren't picked that early either, so at least I had good company. And Fiamma and I got to eat some cheese which is always a  a good thing.

~ Speaking of cheese... I got this woodcut of mine tattooed in color on the inside of my right bicep the other month. And I am working on a new one or two soon to come. click  HERE  then scroll over to the right to the 3rd image

~ I put up a new sign in the PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH series. click HERE to view. So far it is still hanging prominently on Houston street. Again, if you would like to participate in this subtle street art series, its only $20 and I'll send you a sign with ridiculously strong, weather-proof tape. My only request is that you take a couple of pictures after installation so I can log it into the site

~ I finished a large color woodcut finally called AND THEN I LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. It was the response to an earlier print called IT ALL USED TO MAKE SO MUCH SENSE.  They both can be seen HERE. The first image is the new cut ( I wish I could show it larger because it's pretty detailed but that doesn't come across'd as nicely at 550 pixels. The predecessor to this cut can be seen if you scroll to the left two images

~ I am currently trying to figure out how to finish this woodcut of my late Uncle Denny for my Aunt Betty. Here's a scan of the actual cut with an idea of how I might paint some gouache atop it. Not my best cut, but I wanted to get this long-awaited portrait done for her - now I just need to finish finishing it.

~ I am also working tirelessly on the new album art for Aaron Gauses new album DEAR SCHOOL BUS DRIVER under his title UZI OCATPUS. I've put about 40 hours into it thus far and think I've only got about 20 more. Here's a few shots of a couple details in progress:

~ I also made a website for my upcoming wedding. I had to make it simple because I wanted it up fast and easy for Sigfrido to help me with the backend bits. I think it turned out pretty nice for a simple idea. you can check that out HERE

~ There's also a new link for a little version of Dylan's MAMA YOU BEEN ON MY MIND in the music section HERE. Not a finished recording by any means and please forgive the clicks... but something fun I recorded last summer when an artist placed a bunch of pianos in the public parks in NYC. I added a little saw and organ to it.

~ Speaking of music, Dutch and I were at work this weekend tidying up a few last songs for the forthcoming FACEBREAKER album... I should have some new clips up soon in the sound section soon. I also purchased a new guitar the other day and am starting to write a couple new songs for a couple new ideas I have.

~ As for forthcoming art projects... I just need to finish the Uzi Octapus album art woodcut, then I am onto my wedding announcement woodcut. After which I will finally start the cuts on the 52 nudie woodcuts for my woodcut playing cards I am making. Lotso work to do and not enough time... but I'm working on it as best I can.


    - music -
          Felice Brothers
          Mike Watt
          Deerhoof Vs. Evil (New Deerhoof Album)
          Roberto Jordan
          New Toby Goodshank & Samuel Locke Ward split EP
          Elevator Music (Lullatone)
          The Low Anthem

    - film/tv -
          Breaking Bad
    - arts -
          American Illustrated 29
          Specifically: Sonia Pulido & Na Kim
          Hokusai Manga

    - literature -
          Jitterbug Perfume (Tom Robbins)
          McSweeney's Comic Collections

    - other -
          Enjoying watching my nephew this easter
          Looking forward to a soonly-coming Mexico trip
          Appreciating being able to sit outside with no shoes on