and this shall be the new portrait

Lot's of new things have happened since I last updated this news section. The largest being the fact that you can now call me MISTER Huff as I got married this past October 8th. Ok... don't call me mister, TJ'll do fine, but I did get married to Fiamma (now named) Piacentini-Huff and our wedding was a super lot of fun. Afterwards we spent some time in Chiapas getting acquainted with the Mayan cultures, the Zapatistas and real great food, rain, cats, crazy churches where they slaughter chickens and all sorts of stuff. But yes, officially married over here:

And with some great new things... there are also some bummer newsy things as I had my bike stolen from me this past week in SoHo. if you see this blue Peugeot riding around please tell the thief I would really like it back please:

Though now I've gone and built a new one:

But back on the good-note side, I got a great new tattoo drawn by Craig Deardorff. There's a picture of it in the musing also dated today, but you can see if on the inside of my left bicep whenever we see eachother next. 

I also went to a midnight book release for Haruki Murakami's new novel 1Q84. It's a beautiful book thus far, and while I didn't get one of the 30 autographed copies, I am enjoying the cover very much:  

But onto the arts 

- The biggest bit of news is that I've updated the site a bit. The most important change is that you can now view some of my arts in a much larger format. See, the initial idea was to keep my entire site fitting on a 950px single page without ever scrolling images or having to open and close windows. Theoretically, this design idea is sound and I still stand by it, the only problem is, I am now doing very detailed works of art that look crappy at 550px X 550px. So now you'll see " + other view " above some of the images like THESE. If you click the " + other view " you'll get nice large pictures like this where you can scroll around in a new window to see details of the works that need it. Of course there are lots of works that DON'T need such a large view, and there still is the " + + + other views " option where you can just click the plusses to see a small, cropped detail of the works without having to open a new page. It sounds more confusing than it is I realize after typing this.... really just browse around the site, you'll see BIG arts now is the message.

- Speaking of new arts, those links just above'll send you to a few new ones. Firstly, my largest and maybe best woodcut yet is for the cover of Aaron Gause's UZI OCTAPUS album. I worked on this cut for a while and after cutting the 3 ft print, I hand painted it with gouache washes to get I think a pretty nice look. This hand coloring might be a great way to bridge my love of woodcuts and larger paintings into a morphed version of the two.

- Speaking of coloring woodcuts, this next work is digitally colored from a single woodblock print. I did a portrait of my Uncle Denny for my Aunt Betty as per her request like 4 years ago. I am glad I got it done and was able to get her a copy during Fiamma's bridal shower. You can see the portrait HERE

- I am currently working on a series I've probably mentioned here before. 52 nudie woodcuts which i will turn into a sell-able 52-nudie-woodcut deck of cards. The idea being to hold an art show (right now in place for next OCTOBER 2012 at FREDDY'S BACKROOM in BROOKLYN)  where people can buy an actual woodcut as well as a deck of 52 different woodcut reproductions in the form of playing cards all for $35ish dollars. Not bad right? Here's a pic of the work in progress (I still have yet to figure out logistics of framing 52 works of art at once). I've started printing some already and you can view the beginnings of the series HERE

- I am also starting more conceptualizing for a project about BATHERS. Bathers have long-timedly been a great muse for artists works from pretty much every genre. My plan is to do a large-scale painting which would be the culmination of an entire summer's worth of work. During some future summer i will apply for a grant to rent an apartment in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (my favorite beach in the whole world) By day I'll skecth the bathers and by night I will add them to a large-scale painting of a summer-long scene. In the end I hope to keep it in a public building in Brighton Beach (perhaps  a bank or something). There's a lot of planning that needs to go into this project. But It is fun to start  brainstorming the possibilities and looking up bather-related art. Here's kind of an example of the great characters from Brighton beach from prints years earlier:

- speaking of future projects. Dutch and I are fiiiinally in the last stages of our first FACEBREAKER album. We are mixing the recordings mid December and will release an album sometime in early 2012. The idea being you can purchase an art-zine/book which will contain some great art hopefully, as well as code where you can download all the music online. Leaving CD's behind but keeping the visual art is our idea and I think it'll be great.

- on the music front, I'm also slowly putting together ideas about a solo recording project/zine I am working on based-off of the field recordings I made in Europe this summer. The book will contain all black and white photos (these can be previewed HERE ) and the music will be songs written around those experiences and the field recordings. I'm thinking a 5-song EP sort of thing.

- Back to visual arts for a moment, Here's a portrait I did of Enrique Olvera a long time ago that I like - click HERE for the zoomed in version.

- I also did some pseudo portraits for the design of my wedding invites - They were mexican-themed woodcuts and you can see them HERE (also scroll right for the other side of the invite)

- Fiamma's been delving into making animated gifs out of her pictures - they're amazing I think and can be viewed HERE

- And lastly, I've started my beard... 5 weeks later than normal, but going big this year... Good ole Walt Whitman'd be proud of me hopefully in a few months



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