and this shall be the new portrait

Good morning 2011 fans. We've got just a few more days left in this year, and I wanted to squeeze one last entry in before the year leaves prime-number-hood to enter 2012. So let's get down to business shall we?.... 

~ I recently wrote a new triptych poem. This would be poem #34 and while this particular artform of mine is sporadic... when one comes it always feels right. Someday I'll make a little book that has some drawings to go along with a selection of these poems... but until that time... you can peruse them (and this one in particular) HERE

~ facebreaker took to mixing it's recordings last week and we've Aaaaalmost got the new album ready for you. I wrote a bit about it in the last musing right HERE.  But also you can peruse 2 of the rough mixes HERE and HERE

~ My buddy Tom Abbott is a great British fella and a great writer. He's been honing his craft on a weekly blog about tattoos and their stories. He did one weeks installation on some of my markings and you can get to it through my own link HERE even (double linked!) But even moreso, there's other stories worth reading and such will be the case for the next bunch of wednesdays.

~ as for visual arts, I am starting work on a zine-like book to go along with the FACEBREAKER release. It will probably be a 24 page-or-so book with some writings and some imagery that I will hand make and send out when people buy the album on BANDCAMP. I am assembling imagery and layout now and hope to get that ball rolling even better as the day progresses today.

~ I am also still continuing on the newest block of prints for the nudie woodcut deck - you can peruse some of the prints HERE

~ Also I am going to start an acorn woodcut soon for my brother for a possible new tattoo. I found some acorns from my parents yard over thanksgiving time and they are sitting on my desk just waiting to be drawn

~ SINKING SHIP will also have a second performance at FREDDY'S BAR in Brooklyn on JANUARY 28th. I'll update you more on that later

~ Lastly, while I was bored this past week I made a few iphone drawings from some iphone pictures I had... It was pretty fun, here's a few little references:

Welp, that's about it... but of course I can't forget to add what I've been intaking at the moment?....


    - music - 
                    Nagisa Ni Te - Yosuga
                    Deanna Durbin (LAST ROSE OF SUMMER -  HERE)
                    Lullatone - Soundtrack for Everyday Adventures
                    Made for Chickens by Robots - Wump Dang Filla
                    Penguin Cafe Orchestra

    - film/tv - 
                    Parks & Recreation
                    Band of Outsiders
                    US Girl W Dragon Tattoo film
                    Party Down
                    David Lynch cooking Quinoa HERE
                    Dan Akroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka HERE

    - arts - 
                    Peter Arkle
                    Gabriel Fernandez Ledesma
                    Sean Star Wars

    - literature - 
                    Mental Floss Magazine
                    1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)

    - other - 
                    Enjoying a 2-week/holiday vacation
                    Loving my mom's barley Stew
                    Gearing up for New Years on Cape Cod
                    Feeling right comfy in sweatpants