and this shall be the new portrait

It's time for a news update: It's been a while since I've added info here and a lot has happened. Things like me buying a house, probably getting a couple new tattoos, playing some shows, et cetera. But I am going to now just tell you about the things that are happening and happening soon Gull_Darnit.

The main thing I want to tell you about is my nudie playing card series has finished. I've printed and framed 53 nudie prints which can be viewable
HERE. I also made a small run of 50 sets of playing cards. These were printed from a true-blue playing card company so are actual size and laminatey and in a nice clear box and you can see all the woodcuts and play games of Egyptian Ratskrew at the same time! My goal is to sell the suckers for $35 (+S&H if being mailed). For a mere $35 you will get a deck of playing cards and 1 actual woodcut from the series. The goal here is to not make money, but for me to break even and you to get some real art and some solid, fun replications.  You can order them through me or you can also hopefully get them in a couple stores soon, but more importantly you can buy them in person at a couple of my upcoming faux-shows>>>>>>>>>

Here's a pic of the layouts for the cards:

May 18th @ Freddy's Bar and Backroom circa 7pm or so

That's the opening of my first show. I'm hanging all the arts in that little backroom so people can get good cheap drinks and look at the arts with me if they want. I hope you come because it'll be lonely if its just me. The show will be up for a month but the opening is fun huh? And you can buy the decks there if you like

Then I'm showing 'em again at another non-gallery setting: The wine shop near my old apartment GNARLY VINES sometime in July. That will have some free wine and another chance to look at the arts and/or buy the cards. I'll update more specifics when I find them out.

Otherwise, this is the first time in a long time that I've actually had a series of art, an oeuvre if you will, and you will, of arts that I want to actually show in a real gallery setting. I applied to a couple but to no AVAIL (Dixie is a great album). If anyone has any leads on any galleries that might be a good fit shoot the ole TJ an email and that'd be cool hmm?

So let me tell you about other things now, OK? actually first, how about a picture of Mousetrap enjoying a pet?

Fiamma and I bought an apartment, it is great, you should come on over.

Also Fiamma and I are going to start on an album together. We've got a duo band called DANGERHOLE and our first album will consist of a dozen or so covers of me arranging and Fiamma singing in her great young-girl voice. I think you'll like it. It'll be for free on bandcamp whenever we finish, but first we gotta start.

Also Dutch, my brother extraordinaire has been wielding his time with some new tunes that are top notch. I have yet to really dive in with him but hopefully he'll need my spirits in it at some point. In the meantime he and I are playing around with doing a soundtrack for a forthcoming film about Twin Peaks, more about that later.

My buddy Adam Robinson is a editor extraordinaire. A Graffiti artist Mr. Andre was doing a video for Art Basel Miami and Adam asked me to write a simple piano piece for the video. Since I bought a new piano for my new apartment I wrote this little tune and they wound up using it. Check HERE

I have recently started a new simple woodcut based on Regnault's Three Graces. I'm going to give my hand at handpainting it as well so we'll see how that goes. Here's a snap of the original sketch I made while at the Louvre:

I've also been starting to do some woodburning again which is fun.

Oh!!! And I bought a new guitar. It looks a little cheesy right now because it's a Strat and I'm not a strat guy, but I designed a nice pickguard which I'm going to install this weekend and its gonna look right nice, but it sure as shootin' sounds great

Um. I think that's all the news. Thanks for reading this far. Let's talk soon ok?

Lastly, I'll keep you privy to what I've been intaking as of late



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