and this shall be the new portrait

There are a few things in the news related to me and my art that I'd like to tell you about, here goes:
I am in the midst of putting up an ETSY store for all of my prints. It was Fiamma's goal and perhaps it's smart to help move some of the arts that I've amassed. It's not finished yet as I am waiting one more image from her and then put in my bank info... but shortly you'll be able to peruse with the intent to buy cheaply I hope
Fiamma is currently in Mexico shooting pictures for a forthcoming PHAIDON book on Mexican Food and Culture. I couldn't be more proud of her. She'll be spending the month of December down there and finishing up in January. I'll keep you privy as to when you can get said book.
Danny Gouker of SIGNAL PROBLEMS fame asked me to do the artwork for their forthcoming self-titled album. I gave a couple of attempts and we're still working out the specifics but you can see a part of the design on the SPLASH PAGE now. Also there's a combined portrait of all 4 members into a single-creepy-visage I did in pastels which can be seen HERE
I also started work on a reduction woodcut of a bent traffic cone called VERY SAD and CONFUSED. I am only 1 color in thus far because I didn't have white ink to mix my greys last week, but here's a iphone pic of the cone in progress.

I also recently was asked by a good friend to compose a song for a possible upcoming commercial. I played the saw and some found-sound-creation to make a short little creepy song which can be heard HERE.
Like most people, I get a lot of mail in my mailbox that gets immediately thrown into my recycling. In an effort to avoid such swift waste I came up with an idea to make collages out of at least portions of that junk mail and turn that into a series. We'll see how long this idea lasts, but I like it as a concept and hope that I will follow thru and soon have something to show
I am showing my nudie card series at a Tattoo shop in Pennsylvania in December, more info to come soon.
I also wrote a new triptych poem that can be read HERE


    - music - 
                    Mozart Piano Concerto #20
                    One One 
                    Thee Oh Sees
                    The Blow
                    Bill Callahan
                    Luzmilla Carpio

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                    Netflix available documentaries

    - arts - 
                    Edvard Munch
                    Cannonball Press (PRINTS GONE WILD)

    - literature - 
                    End of the Affair - Graham Greene
                    Demian - Herman Hesse

    - other - 
                    butter on everything bagels
                    hot apple cider
                    bitters in cocktails
                    petting mouse on the ear
                    iphone workouts
                    looking forward to 2014