and this shall be the new portrait

I think the idea of an "unauthorized autobiography" is really fun. Sometimes I hear little statements during the day and I think it would make a great title to a book. i.e.

the unauthorized autobiography of t.j. huff

Try this at home, it's quite fun. Anyways, let's get down to the News with Connie Chung as there's some things I want to discuss.

First off, there are 2 new color woodcuts on the site. One of them THREE GRACES based on Regnault's version in the Louvre that I sketched 2 years ago on my honeymoon. I've been playing around with the idea of larger, simpler woodcuts that then get hand colored and this is my second attempt. While not one of my best woodcuts it works ok. It's an edition of approximately 10 and I am trying to paint each one different. As for the other cut, it is called VERY SAD AND CONFUSED and amongst other things, is based on a cone I used to pass on my way to work. That cone just seemed like it could no longer do it's job. This cut is a reduction woodcut which I always find fun and puzzle-like because you need to think about your lines and colors a certain way for the end product to come out right. Also your registration needs to be spot on. Also this is the first time I've used a gradient in my cuts, I'm not normally a fan but I thought it worked here. Enough jibber-jabbering about them, you can view them HERE . I need to fix the zoom option and hopefully it's fixed before you read this, if not, please check back because these larger works do better when they can be viewed bigger than 550 pixels.
As for other works, I am currently still designing the SIGNAL PROBLEMS album art, as well as recently commissioned to also make art for the forthcoming IDEAL BREAD album entitled BEATING THE TEENS. Additionally, I am in the last day or two of getting 2 drawings together for an adult-themed coloring book called ADULT SITUATIONS which my friend Ali Lessmann is putting together. I will post the image soon.
If you find yourself in the Philadelphia suburbs, particularly Glenside, PA sometime within the next few months you can view 32 of the NUDIE CARDS series at a tattoo shop called BLUE BLOOD TATTOO located at 430 N. Easton Road. The owner's name is Tony and not only is he a real nice guy, but the space is beautiful and clean, unintimidating if there are any art lovers or first-time-tattooees looking for a nice spot to ink yerself. 
As far as shows are concerned, the phenomenon known as JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCHING BAND led by none other than Craig1 will be performing for Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend on Friday January 17th at Midnight. We (Adam Hopkins, Craig1, Mike Ross, Eric Trudel, Danny Gouker, Aaron Gause and myself) play a lot of rocking tunes the last set of the night so we can all hang out and drink afterwards without anyone else wanting to cram our space. Come on out... here's a teezer picture of the last time the few of us played at Adam Hopkins' wedding. 

I also recently made an etsy page to sell some of my arts. You can view that page HERE in case your looking for some quality holiday ideas
I've added a new fun little section to the STUDIES part of the site. It's called BAD MOUSE DRAWINGS. And that's exactly what it is, random drawings I will do when I am bored sitting at the computer. I hope to do more of these, we'll see how my follow through goes. Anyways, you can view them HERE.
There is a relatively new MUSING up on the site HERE if you're bored. And if you missed it a new triptych poem HERE. I'm almost at the amount I need (I think thats 40 poems) to make a little poetry book.
Fiamma is still in Mexico shooting her book for Phaidon. In 6 more work days I will be officially done my job as the head retoucher for Vanessa Stevens and Company and will head down to Mexico for a week or so. After the New Year I will hopefully figure out something new, I'll keep you updated.
Oh also... the stairwell of my building was once painted red. After that it was painted over white. This overcoat peals off from time to time when people bang into it and leaves some fun red shapes on a white wall. E'er so oft one of those shapes looks like something to me so I take a couple white-out pens and draw in some lines... today's vision was a distressed bird.


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                    Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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                    Tyeb Mehta 

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                    Mental Floss
                    Journey to the East - Herman Hesse

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                    missing Fiamma
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                    excited about job transition
                    brainstorming a great idea with Massimo