and this shall be the new portrait

I've got a few things to report on the news end of things. As for the olds end of things, well that's just gross. No seeeeriously, let's talk news.

- I've finally finished a book that was somehow 10 years in the making. It's called BLANK and I've written it under the pseudonym Ben Yever (or have I?) It is 106 pages choc full of black ink. That black ink is maneuvered in such a way that it translates into 40 poems, 25ish photos and 25ish drawings. The poems are the very triptych poems I've been writing on this here site for the last 10 years. I said to myself a while back, "TJ? when you get to 40 of them poems you should make a book and maybe stop. But at least make a book, ok?". I hit poem number 40 in London a few weeks back and in my new schedule had time to put a book together. But poetry alone might be boring for those of us who are visually minded, so I also collected 25 black and white photos of mine which I am at least semi-proud of and though had some merit tangential to the poetry and interspersed them. Also to thicken things up, I put in 25 or so drawings from museum sketches over the last 10 years. So all of that comes together in this 5.5" x 5.5" x 0.313" book that I aim to sell for $10. As always the goal is to break even so please buy one if you like me breaking even or just not breaking I guess.

- I am also sketched and ready to print a new larger woodcut which will be the frontispiece (gross word kind of) for a little zine type book that will accompany a set of recordings of mine. That sentence is confusing so I'll try and clarify here. I play a lot of music with people. Wait, that's not totally true. I play some music with people, I also play some music by myself. I write songs sometimes in my sleep or on my bike or in the morning when I'm trying to wake Fiamma up. Every once and a while I think some of those little ideas are worth fleshing out. So I am starting a series called FLESH OUT which will be free recordings of my ideas posted somewhere probably like bandcamp. Since I am the ever-visual artist I am going to couple that with a little zine of art that hopefully goes along with the wordplay of FLESH OUT. So anyways, this is the first in the series and its called FLESH OUT VOLUME 1: TAKE 'ER EASY PLEASEY and is 6 or so recordings that are just nice and easy. I'm sure this will take a few months to fully flesh out but I've started both the sonic and visual elements of this project.

- I am also working on a woodcut for Fiamma's friend who had a dog pass away which is a horrible thing. And have started sketches for a pie for my brother Dutch. But man oh man sometimes the simplest things like pies or bananas are the hardest for me to draw.

- As far as music is concerned, I am also playing guitar in a little Pixies cover show that my friend Diana Dayrit started. She is playing bass and singing along with Craig one and her husband John on drums so that'll be a good time. I never listened to enough Pixies as a youth so this is a fun way to dive into it.

- I am also working on music with my brother as FACEBREAKERS and am brainstorming other little music idears.

- As far as Tj-tangential news, my brother-in-law-law Enrique Olvera is opening a restaurant here in NYC called Cosme so that's pretty exciting for me because my sister-in-law and their kiddos will hopefully be living here for a little while and I reeeeally like those guys. Enrique is also headed to London in a week or so for the annual top50 restaurant awards and I've got a good feeling about his positioning in that list this year.

- I've got 3 new tattoo ideas in the works, here's the funny one I put together based on some found/manipulated imagery. I'm also waiting on Massimole Pacchione and CraigOne to get on their horses and finish their drawings for me soon so I can ink m'arms and legs more via the talented needle of Chad Night (cool name huh?)

That's about all the news I can think of now. Here's my list of what I'm currently into:


    - music - 
                    Murder City Devils
                    Action Bronson
    - film/tv - 

    - arts - 

                    Gerhard Marcks
                    Karim Hamid
                    Brigitte Lacombe
                    Jill Kleinhans
                    David Abbott

    - literature - 
                   Zines from Blue Stockings Bookshop in Manhattan
                   Tortilla Flats (Steinbeck)
                   After the Quake (Murakami)

     - other - 
                  not liking anxiety attack returns
                  liking shortened workweeks
                  triscuits with black pepper
                  my nephew Logan is funny
                  I am 8 lbs heavier than I was 8 weeks ago
                  I've started opening the windows of my apartment