and this shall be the new portrait

Boy it's getting nice and cold out there in this October weather. I had to eeeven pull out my old biking gloves for the first time on my bikes into work. While the weather is indeed news, and the first and last thing my dad will talk with you about on the phone when he calls, it is not the news in particular that I want to extoll in this section. i moreso would like to talk of the recent events that have shaped my life in the arts and even some of the non-arts arenas as of late and some forthcoming, so let's get started:

First let's talk about people other than me shall we? Fiamma is my wife. She's also a photographer with some great pictures you should look at HERE. Some of those pictures she takes can be found in a new book that Phaidon put out. you can peruse it HERE.  It's called MEXICO: THE COOKBOOK and really is a Bible-like Encyclopedic tome of recipes and beautiful pictures. Fiamma and i will travel to London in a few weeks to have dinner at the Mexican Ambassador's for the book launch event.

Also, if Mexican cuisine is your thing, my brother-in-law-law Enrique Olvera recently opened his long-awaited restaurant in New York City called COSME. I've eaten there twice thus far and it really is delicious, I suggest eating there or at least browsing the site HERE, again some (not all - because there's a portrait in there that isn't quite as eloquently photographed as the rest) pics by the lovely lady mentioned above. Here's a drawing of Fiamma while were waiting (I'm not very good at drawing faces)

Also, there's a lady named Diana Dayrit who learned how to play bass and simultaneously sing quick enough to get a little cover-band of pixies songs together. We called it D-BASER (get it? D for Diana and Baser because she plays bass?). We played a show at the always-fun-venue Freddy's in Brooklyn last week and it was a blast. CraigOne on the mic never dissapoints. Here's a shot from Casey Swoyer's iphone

Speaking of musiccy things, I also have been writing a lot of music recently. The first I would like to talk about is punky/funny songs I am writing for the JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCHING BAND which I've started with my friends CraigOne, Adam Hopkins, Eric Trudel, Danny Gouker and multiple drummers. It started as a cover-band for fun, but I wrote some songs in hopes to do something a little more personal and hopefully I can convince those boys to play along a time or two. Here's a shot from one of our shows together which is always a lot of fun.

On other music news. I have been compiling songs and art for my forthcoming, albeit long-term, project called FLESH OUT. The premise is this, I have written some saplings of music ideas over the years in my sleep, on my bike, or sometimes just bored with a guitar or at the piano. Hundreds of ideas actually, most of which are silly and shall remain in the infantile state, but a few choice selects are to be fleshed out (get it?) in this new project. I will record the songs with the help of some friends like Dutch Huff, Adam Hopkins, et cetera and put them up as free downloads online. There will be multiple volumes so it can be a long term project with some legs, but with each volume I am making a zine of some arts that involves flesh in some degree. I am currrently about halfway done the first two volumes:  


Here is the potential wrap-around cover of the latter as well as a piece of art started for the inside

A larger woodcut is in the works for the VOLUME 1 and here is a detail of the face that I began carving last week at Brooklyn College during my bi-weekly running of the printlab

I'm also making some non-audible arts such as this little lamp accouterment I put in my apartment bathroom. The eyes of the DaVinci's woman and ferret glow when you turn the light on

I am not sure if I am going to leave this next one as a digital drawing or turn it into a woodcut. I like the drawing but sometimes think that adding to the extra "stuff" of art such as wood and paper isn't necessary if I have something I already like and its online which is where all the art eventually goes anyway, thoughts anyone on this? Anwyays, this particular digital drawing is a reference to a Picasso work I like of Eric Satie. I focussed in on the hands and made em all knobby

Speaking of hands, there was this great hand at the MET last week in the Asian section which I really liked. I caught a picture on my iphone which seems fitting to put here

Another museum that I recently visited was the Guggenheim to see the Jeff Koons exhibition. Now I've always liked that guy and his humor and his F-U to the art world. But there were a few pieces that were new to me, here is one of his collaborative paintings and art history references

I don't know how this happened but I got side-tracked into talking about my travels, so let's just get it out of the way. For our 3rd anniversary Fiamma and I traveled to Woodstock and stayed in a Tipi. It was really great, here's a shot of me splitting the wood that we burnt inside at night

Recently Fiamma's father-in-law Marcel passed away. I liked him very much, specifically his approach to life embodied by his particular laughter. His funeral involved a trip down to Guadalajara 2 weeks ago. Before we left Fiamma and I took a few hours to walk around the downtown area and I was reminded how beautiful Mexico is

Ok, back to the art-related-news real quick. I am trying to be a little more consistent with drawings recently. Here is a quick one

There's ALWAYS tattoo-news. I  have been reinterpretting a few artists works for forthcoming tattoos. This one is a reinterpretation of one of my favorite artists Na Kim. The idea is all hers, and her drawing is much better than mine, but I felt bad stealing the whole thing, so I asked her if I could re-interpret it in a comiccy sort of way, she said yes and here's the result for a tattoo that will go above the back of me right elbow in a few weeks time thanks to Chad Knight

Opposite that elbow, above the left one will be this little idea of an open book that I saw somewhere. I reinterpretted it and added the eye 

Finally, some art has a life and a run and then a death. Sometimes it dies early in the idea stage, sometimes it dies drastically as it fails to culminate into worthwhile art and gets ripped up mid-drawing. Sometimes it gets all the way to finished product and I'm left with the remnants of the vehicle. In the case of woodcuts that is often times the wood or the linoleum after all the prints of the edition have been pulled. Normally I throw this stuff away, but one student at Brooklyn College reminded me that they are sometimes cool looking, so I took a page from David Gerbstadt's book of leaving art around for free. Here is one example of the 20 or so I left around Brooklyn on my walk home from Brooklyn College one night.

And of course, last but not least, the end of all NEWS sections


    - music - 
                   Mozart String Quintets
                   new Thom Yorke album (specifically the last song)
                   I Don't Like Your Attitude - Say Something
                   Meditate - Toby Goodshank
                   Little Cobweb
                   Tenniscoats - All Aboard
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                   That Geico commercial BOOTSANDPANTSANDBOOTSANDPANTS 

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                   Raul Anguiano
                   Lee Miller
                   Tyeb Mehta
                   Marisol Escobar

    - literature - 
                   The Masterpiece - Emile Zola
                   Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller

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                   an egg over easy on a tostada with cholulu
                   Mike and Tom Eat Snacks Podcast
                   enjoying wearing slippers again and needing to
                   the beard is taking shape bigly again