and this shall be the new portrait

(Tugboat The Cat)

Hello and Welcome! That's a picture of Tug. His real name is Tugboat, but I call him "Tug" for short because my tongue is lazy. A lot of times I turn around and he's this close to my face just looking at me. I think he either reeeeeallly likes me or reeeeallly wants to kill me. Anyways, I'm typing this news broadcast from the student computer in the print studio of Brooklyn College where I'm monitoring some etching students. This keyboard spacebar reeeeallly is sticking though so apologies in advance if some words are pushed together for lack of thumb strength versus this spacebar (boy do I feel sheepish already about my thumbs and I'm not even 4 sentences in!). I've got a few bits of news to write about so let's get to it shall we?

I don't often take photos, but then again, sometimes I do. In preparation for a project I'm going to write about in a few paragraphs, I took some pictures of statues and combined them with porn and muscle men pictures Sigfrido took on my camera years ago. Wait... Sig didn't take the porn, that you can find online like waaaaaayyyy too easily... but he did take the muscleman pics... Anyway, you can view the images HERE.

A while back I got the idea from another illustrator that you don't need to be commissioned by an author or publisher to make book covers. So I started making some fake book covers under the faux-pen-name of Soapyard Kramr. This is an mashing together of the future name of my child "Soapyard" and the name my maternal great great grandparents had before they moved to America (Kermin was changed from) "Kramr". I recently was bored one morning and made a bunch of new fake book covers which I kinda like. You can view them HERE.

Also in that same section of "studies" you can find a recent study I did of Raphael's LA FORNARINA painting. But just for sake of ease, I'll make a link HERE.  I was quite proud of this study because I'm normally not the greatest at drawing faces but felt I did an ok job here. Speaking of NOT drawing faces, there's also a new nude study which you can look at HERE. This drawing isn't exactly NEW per-se, but it's new to the site so get off my back already will you?

Another face-related-visual change is that I shaved off my beard for the year. I don't know if we can consider that "art" or not... but what the hell, I own this site so I can put it up I say. Here's an iphone picture I took of that beard falling right off my face... a "fleshin' out" if you will...

Finally, and maybe the biggest news of all (at least as far as this entry on this particular site is concerned). I just realeased the first of (hopefully and most-likely) many recordings under the project name FLESH OUT. You can read all about it, and better yet hear and own it for free on my bandcamp page which is FLESH-OUT.BANDCAMP.COM - But essentially, The project is a two-fold approach to put together my many music and art makings. The concept is, I write a lot of not-great songs in my sleep, on my bike or with my cats. Most of the songs aren't worth a damn, but every once and a while one seems to have some sort of potential and I FLESH it OUT into a low-fi recording. Once I get enough of these songs of a similar ilk FLESHED OUT to comprise an album, I release it for free on bandcamp. But that's not all folks... I also like making art and need an excuse to force my friends to take some of it. So with each album I make a zine of FLESHY related visual art that you can buy for $5. I wish that too were free but there's some expenses with printing and mailing and stuff so give me a break already! Sorry, I keep lashing out at you today and I'm real real real real real real real real real real sorry.

I think that's worth checking out right? And I think that's all the arts-related news right now I can think of. I am loosely planning some woodcuts and of course need to finish the mosaic in my house and some wood burning I've started... but that's for another time. As for non-arts-news... I just got back from Holbox, QR, Mexico and I love that place. Here's hoping Fiamma and I get our stuff together to buy some beachfront land similar.

We've got a bunch of other trips lined up and I'm just kinda enjoying freelance lifestyle these days. Oh, and I also wanna apologize to my thumbs, they took down that spacebar like me when I was a middle school wrestler and I took down other kids with a great sprawl and a half nelson. Ok, I gotta do that list thing I sometimes do and then I gotta go... ok? Let's talk soon though. Byeloveyoubye.....


    - music - 
                   Mozart String Duos and Trios
                   new David Bazan tracks
                   Charles Mingus - Ah Um (because its the best in Spring)
    - film/tv - 
                   Better Call Saul (with Craig1)
                   Rome (because I'm going there in September)
                   Broad City

    - arts - 
                   Eduard Manet
                   James Stanton's zines

    - literature - 
                   The Judgment of Paris (Ross King)
                   Jitterbug Perfume (Tom Robbins re-read)

     - other -                    
                   ready for Spring to spring into action
                   really enjoying Pad Thai and PopCorners Chips as of late
                   hoping to defeat the headaches that've been haranguing me
                   ready to see my niece for her 2nd birthday