and this shall be the new portrait

I had this dream last night where my cats fell 20 floors out of my window and i had to race downward to try and find out if the worst happened or if I could heal them.... And I don't know how the dream ended because I woke up too scared.

I woke up & stayed scared after realizing the reality we are in. I was perhaps blissfully ignorant on the notion that divisiveness on this scale in this country couldn't possibly become a reality; that the trajectory of inclusion & a more harmonious dependence on everyone was the obvious route.

I think, though, that maybe instead of succumbing to these fears, that maybe it's time to re-focus on a person-person level. We always have total control of how we act as individuals regardless of how we as a nation may act. And despite the fact that a potentially big scary machine is around us, if we can be little Dr.MLKJr's and be kind to people as individuals in a country in a world then maybe the big machine will have to get in line?....
There is this thing in British history supposedly, a prison cell in the tower of london called LITTLE EASE. It is too short to lie down or stand up in. This year has been a weird one for me, I am making art about this