and this shall be the new portrait

this musing is long overdue. i had an entire week off (the necessity of which i will talk about shortly)... within that time i had hoped to write many musings. to which i wrote one. slothfulness set in... and while thats what is supposed to happen on vacations i think... i  should've tried to combat it better.

one thing i thought of this week is that i really like the longer spelling of things. words like "aeroplane", "doughnut" and "programme" are much better with there extra letters.  perhaps its because i am one-eighth english...

on the other hand - i like to over conjunct as much as possible. words like "we'd've" work real well instead of "we would have" in sentences like... "we'd've paid the electric bill if we'd remembered"

i think appreciating both of these ways of communication balance eachother - one elongating... one truncating... ever so delicate the balance of language.

i have been reading a book called BOX OF MATCHES.

not only is the cover some great designerly work... but the insides are quite enjoyable. i reccomend this book to those that like literature that i like. because i like this... which would mean you like this... if in fact, you are one of these people.

the book is about a guy named emmett, who has two kids, a wife, a duck and a cat... every morning he wakes up around 4am, makes coffee in the dark, lights a fire in the fireplace and writes about his thoughts. humorous, insightful, and i really appreciate it.

speaking of nice book cover's though, that dave eggers always seems to do a nice job

i am getting inspired by these guys and some designerly approaches to things

i just finished dan brown's DA VINCI CODE as well. at first, i thought, this book is a lame pop-culture phenomenon. but as the movie approacheth i figured i should read it. by the first few pages i felt the excitement arise. it wound up being a great read - i don't care what elitists say.

tomorrow i shall begin aldous huxley's SOUND AND THE FURY.

on another note, both massimo pacchione and i were denied acceptance into any MFA programs at the art schools to which we applied. massimo was told by one particular school that his art was not "contemporary enough". perhaps this my own anger at the institutions that denied us, or my allegiance to my friend and his work... but i think that statement is total crap. what that essentially means is that massimo's work is not mimicking what is popular now (i.e. a few months behind what's brand-new).  just because "grown-up cartoons" are in style with kiki smith-esque drawings of little girls with animals heads... doesn't mean art schools should cater to people redoing the same old thing (even if the same old thing is relatively new).

as far as i'm concerned, massimo's art is miles ahead of any art i see people making our age. conceptually and aesthetically, the weight it holds necessitates time and acquired taste... sometimes the best art can't be understood in perusing 10 slides in under 2 minutes.

as for my own work.
i meant to get a lot of that done too.
but i've slowed down on my vacation in hopes to pick back up this week.
i am working on designing adam hopkins' website, as well as perhaps some logo stuff for simona aviram's company, as well as drawings for two new woodcuts and recording a slow composition i've been writing.

more to come on that soon.
as for now, it is sleep time, i want to try the 4am nicholson baker once more.

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