and this shall be the new portrait

today my mood is good and i wonder... what relegates disposition? can i figure this out so as to permanently be able to control my moods... to an extent yes, i understand the chemical needs to be happy and sad at times... but there has to be some way to hone the necessary stimuli of happiness.

i think for me it has to do with music at least partially. a good song can really do the trick for me. also of course... the weather... a sunny spring day is real nice. and also i think having a sanctuary that is accessible. now this can take many forms... such as, in my case, really liking my bedroom and the comforts it affords... albeit visually, physically and mentally. i also think a good dog can help. also... if one's daily "rigg-a-marole" involves friends or at least friendly-banter... that is a plus. also i think the necessity of being productful (with me it involves the arts/music)

i want to fashion a lifestyle that incorporates these things as much as possible... i think that i have the proclivity to fall into bummed-states-of -mind... but i think if i start now... i can battle this i hope.

today - my mood is a great one... it's also friday... which helps... i think that i can probably be funny today pretty easily given the right social-chance.

today i also long for a few older things... such as a car (specifically a hatch-back today for some reason) and also a border collie... and also a front porch... all of these things would make me happy today. ... oh... and lemonade... that'd be great.

i want to sign up for an art or art history class this summer. in hopes that the schedule would necessitate productivity and broadening of the mind. also... i hope this will help me keep my teaching licensure as i need to take some sort of education classes soon.

does anybody want to be postcard buddies? i would like that.

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