and this shall be the new portrait

well its sunday... and for those of you in the "know" sunday is coltrane day. by that, i mean that every sunday I (among others) spend at least a portion of the day listenning to coltrane.  sometimes this listening is very topical and perhaps i am just listenning to lush life as i type this daily musing... sometimes... the listening is more intense and i focus on the entire interstellar space album.... not just having it on and hearing the notes... but lying down and fully appreciating (or at least attempting to) the masterful trane in his element.

my friend adam hopkins said a great word with regards to coltrane in that instead of coltrane just playing... he was "reaching".  adam used this term in reference to telling how our former jazz professor dave pope was "reaching like coltrane" on a recent performance the two played in.  but just that simple word "reaching" puts in perspective what it means to make powerful music i believe. anyone can play music, and thats great and sometimes emotional and sometimes fun... but what sets music like trane's apart from a lot of other great music is that he was constantly reaching. trane never really got comfortable in playing any style or any avenue of music... everytime you think he couldnt get better at something... he would pick up a new direction and set out to mastering it. i really admire that.

so anyways... sundays are coltrane days - please join me, my brother, adam hopkins, drew thomas, and hopefully a bunch others in listenning to coltrane on a weekly-sunday basis.

and along those lines of jazz... yesterday was charles mingus's birthday.  he would've been 74 i believe. and next saturday is duke ellington's birthday.
if youre in the new york metropolitan area, tune into 89.9FM wkcr (columbia's radio station) or if not... tune in online at WKCR to hear 24 hour long play of his music. this is a great radio station wherein one can learn a lot of great info with regards to jazz and jazz history. such as every morning from 8:20-9:45am on BirdFlight... a radio program reviewing the discography of charlie parker from a scholastic standpoint. i quite enjoy it as my alarm clock... woken up by birds every morning even if you live in the city.

as for my own musical adventures... i have started taking lessons with a french gypsy guitarist named stephane wrembel. i tired of being musically stagnant... and while this education will be a bit costly - i think what i will learn will be invaluable. while lesson #1 was a little funny - i thought there was a lot to learn from. its also pretty humbling to be in the student position again as opposed to the teacher... check out stephane's music if you like at his site

another bit of inspiration is the brooklyn-based public space artist who goes by the name of "swoon". she is predominantly a relief printer who wheat-pastes her great images around brooklyn and manhattan. beautiful art... that deteriorates in the weather and has nothing to do with art galleries or selling work. its just great work for anyone who wants.

i am interested in the art - but also the process. she apparently uses oil-based inks - which i always shyed away from due to the cleaning problems... be she mentions in an article that cleaning is easy with olive oil.  also she mentions printing on thin cheap butcher paper or myler or wet paper. i hope to try these methods as my printing is subpar.

along those same lines... i am looking to take up a class this summer. perhaps at SVA... perhaps at the printshop... i have qualms with both institutions... but i really want to learn these days. SVA just has horrible advertising methods - and it makes me nervous if a design school can't design a half-decent subway poster.  the printshop - i just don't like because they didn't want me in their residency program. i guess its not their fault if there are better artists than me that they could choose from... but everybody has to harbor some sort of resentment towards some printmaking institution right?

well... i guess thats about it.
oh yeah - i also thought... i think its good to be a nice person... but i always am reeeallly impressed when burly, hairy, scary tattooed men are really nice. for instance... we had this one really strong and large dad at the oreland swim club when i worked there.. if you saw him on the streets... you might be intimidated by him... but he was so gentle with his 5 year old daughter.. and wound up being a really friendly guy... well i figure... i am already on the way to being a hairy man... and i think that i am kind of nice... and i've got tattoos... so why not really live out this social juxtaposition and become very burly and russian-esquely muscular and scary looking - and then be even nicer... and just shock people like myself.

thats my idea.


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