and this shall be the new portrait

all i do is accrue. its true.

i just acquire more things and wind up just stacking them in corners...and little by little, just messing them up from moving and removing their positions...

like my artworks for example. i made 6 prints for a show in charlottesville, VA... now the shows over... and the art came back... some of it was messed up from shipping, and now it just sits in piles in my already-too-small, too-cluttered room.

i also want to extend my apologies for william wegman. all my life, i have downplayed his artwork and even mocked it at times. but today, while i made a breif sojourn to the brooklyn museum to perform cartographical research i got to peruse some of his earlier work. it was very humorous
very funny
and good to look at
so much so that i got excited to make artwork again

it was refreshing - goofy - but not pompous - just goofy...
seeing that juxtaposed with a museum setting is always inspiring to me.

i mean, the weimareimer art is still cute in a boring-kitsch sort of way... but the early stuff is just funny. here's one picture... not a great one... but it seems the world wide web doesn't want to give him justice.

also, i am really interested in Thomas Couture's stylistic tendencies of paint application as of late. i think there is a lot i can learn from him. planarly... that's how i describe it...

that's about it for now.
more to come later
i hope to paint soon
but accrue less

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