and this shall be the new portrait

its early in the AM on saturday. my parents are coming to brooklyn for the weekend and I am up because my stomach and head are a little bit achey. i've been meaning to write in my musings for a while now but have not found the chance.

i've been wanting to write about the bubbles that people seem to exist in. i find them both good and bad. as people go through my daily riggamarole i find that we exist in certain social, physical and mental bubbles.

i mean to say that we spend most days doing similar things (if youre a person in school, or at a regular job, or with roomates or relationships)... you spend your time doing the same activities with the same people be it sitting at a computer next to the same folks everyday or going to your room and listening to music in the same chair.

while i think this is a great thing because an appreciation of comfort can come from this, it can also be a catalyst to getting slumped into a routine that doesn't allow for necessary change.

i am having trouble explaining this this morning possibly because its so early or i am headachy... but here's an example... all week i go to work... and my physical being does the same taxing chores of cutting paper and moving up and down stairs. but last week... i took off and went to my parents and wound up running up and down the hills of valley green with my brother instead of running up and down the stairs at work. this slight shift in activity really made me feel pretty great. it's something that was outside of my daily bubble but realy helped my disposition.

and the other week - i started riding my bike... and i rode through prospect park and saw how many people were out about at the park when i might've normally been in the bubble of my apartment or room trying to convince myself to be making art. but just escaping this routine gave me an appreciation for something different and then when i came back to my room i felt invigorated.

i guess this is just a personal-testimonial to the fact that i don't want to just become comfortable in doing the same routine... because just as an aged wine, if not stored properly can go bad... an aged process, though appreciated, can go awry if not altered every once and a while.

ok - thats about it for now.
oh... except for... i quit my job
thats neat

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