and this shall be the new portrait

this weekend proved to be a nice one. i spent a lot of time with craig and fiamma which always proves to be enjoyable.

the weekend, however stayed somewhat busy with all of that which i had to do. i was hoping for a bit of release due to the past weeks hecticity... but i was kept in constant motion... which is a good thing... if i was not already behind in a few things such as adam hopkins' site... but good nonetheless.

what i've noticed recently however, is that i am starting a whole bunch of new activities in my life. accordingly, when you begin something new you can not be great at them immediately... even though you want to be. but what is tough, is when you start multiple things simutaneously and most of your time is spent learning and resultantly sucking as you are learning. when you don't have succesful activities in your daily routine to balance this inherent sucking... one can start to think they are no good.

though, i have been learning a lot. which is always nice. i have been learning a lot of photoshop in a crash course due to my recent change in occupation. and i have learnt a lot from stephane wrembel in my django-style guitar lessons. this man is a master at his craft and knows the ins and outs of the fretboard to a degree that necessitates virtually no extraneous thought. i am trying to gain as much information from these lessons as they are expensive, but worthwhile as the knowledge, if obtained, will help my guitar work exponentially.

i find that most arts, in order to be succesful, depend on three things:  an idea/stance/subject that is important or intriguing, a stylistic approach to represent the aforementioned which is aesthetically pleasing/interesting, and a knowledge of the craft  in which to employ these ideas. with these three things, art has the ability to be succesful. however, it is then up to the most important element... which is the audience to appreciate all of the work. 

a lot of artists have the idea, but lack the craft (me for example). some, have the inverse of that where they have the knowledge of the craft, but what they say is boring and banal. and some have the ideas, and even the means to create it, but their stylistic approach is a bit lame or at least subpar to the other elements.

now i know this is all subjective, but its MY musing, so there...
anyway... Norman Rockwell for example, that guy could really paint realistically, but his subject was not the most interesting to me. Marc Chagall, on the other hand, had great ideas, but his craft and stylistic approach lacks a little bit.

And sometimes, when artists (and i am including musicians of course) master a few of these elements of great art... an audience responds and builds up the artist ego. the inherent danger is when the artist becomes over-comfortable with the knowledge that the audience loves what they do, and then there work becomes more like public masturbation than creating art. they just do what they know how to do well to get a response from others. that is very frustrating to me.

on a different note, my right tricep and left back muscles have been involuntarily flexing. its kind of like when my dad sneezes multiple times, but its happening under my epidermal layers. i find it funny, but i hope it doesnt stay for long, its kind of like my body is trying to tickle me... and that is also funny.

i just finished reading jonathan safran foer's EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE. it was an amazing book and i strongly reccomend it to people. i would write more about it, but i am losing the focus to write right now.

below are some photos i took today from the brooklyn museum. i love that museum, its very lonely and large and i like that in a museum. the MOMA is too crowded, thats for darn sure. this first image is along the same lines as Pierre Puvis de Chavannes which i really like. and i like paintings that are cyclical.

this next painting is the left hand side of a triptych. i really like the application of paint on the mountains and the cow. dark undercoats with a dry brush lighter coat atop. SCUMBLING is the technique, i hope to apply this in my next painting.

this next painting is one by thomas couture. who i like as a painter, though its hard to find his work. this particular image is a detail of timon of athens. a figure in a shakespearian play about greed. i find it beautiful.

this last painting is a carlo crivelli. that guy used great line in italian renaissance. there is much to learn from him. he also uses pinks beautifully in some other paintings of his. this particular painting gave me the inspiration to do some gouache work (similar to this tempera style)

i am sorry that this writing is boring, i am not in a very good writing mood, but had pictures i wanted to share, and thought i was overdue for a musing


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