and this shall be the new portrait

It's official... I have decided my favorite musicians of all time... they are:

john coltrane (of course)
fred frith (a perfect balance of the two artists that envelope him on this list)
aram khachaturian (armenian composing mastermind)
sufjan stevens (also like khachaturian in some ways, but lyrically grande)

i am sorry to all of those who used to read these musings, if in fact you exist... i have not written in quite some time. i realize this... i am not proud of it - but i realize it to you all the same.

the thing is, i have taken on a new job, which puts me in front of a computer 10 hours a day... inasmuch, i rarely want to come home and sit in front of a computer. this is also taking its toll on the finishing of mr adam hopkins' site... but i hope to finish this sunday.

my new job is photo retouching. and while i used to look down on all elements of any job involved with the fashion industry... raymond meier studios has really changed my thoughts on some things.  firstly, the work environs is great.  my coworkers are really nice, and there are a lot of great perks like free lunches, i can purchase CDs on company credit cards and i get to learn a new skill that will most assuredly aid me in the future.

but also, raymond's photography and the attention to minutiae that he gives is very reminiscent of renaissance still lifes. best of all, these nuances come to light only after spending some time with the work... a sign, i always  think, of good art.

as for my own art... i have been thinking many-an-idea.... but slow to produce. i don't mind it though, because i have been filling my "growing" aspect of my life with other things such as learning gypsy guitar and reading a lot.  currently i am trying to finally finish don quixote and just started c.s. lewis' four loves wherein he writes about Plato's 4 types of loves (also often refered to in Dr. MLK Jr. sermons).

but back to the art.... i have plans for a new woodcut involving my dad's workout bench, a whale, 3 dogs and a crane. i also am planning two paintings... one of which involves a woman and the remains of a parrott, and the other involves an artist jumping as high as he can.

in the meantime, i made a little bumper sticker for craigs new car and craig's new...

as for the gypsy guitar lessons, it has truly been a humbling experience... not only do i have to learn a new element of the craft of guitar... but i have to unlearn many elements of my current guitar playing... which... let me tell you... is a difficult task.

its difficultishness is even more rough because some of the new elements of gypsy guitar i just don't think make much sense... for instance some picking technique and the lack of pinky-finger-usage. plus... all of my prior teachers really liked my well-being... whereas this new one does not really like me as much as i'd like. combine all of these things to an element of my life i was comfortable with and convinced i was good at... and boom... there goes my sense of pride.

ooook... i am losing my ability to focus while i write - so i will stop now. i will stop but i will write more later

i will write about the fact that i was recently upheaved when i was told that my list making and writings things down, which is an attempt to make me remember things... is actually impeding my memory keeping.

among other things

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