and this shall be the new portrait

i am in my roomate adam's room. becauase the internet... she's down. she's broken. she won't get up - and i must steal connection from someone unknowingly... so thank you unknowing soul who will allow me to update my writings.

i spend all day on the computer - so sometimes it is hard to come home and get back on the computer to type this. but i like to... and josh powell likes me to... so i do it.

most all of my day is spent behind the computer making my bosses photos look nicer. retouching is a trying occupation sometimes, because you are always at the whim of another artists aesthetic value. and in some cases, you work for a week or so on an image, and it turns out you've been headed the wrong direction and need to start all over. i don't mean to complain... i love my job... it is just a humbling aspect of my life to learn to accept constant critique with rare (if any) praise.

it makes me think though, if i spent the amount of time i do on someone elses images, on my own images... i could really make my art look pretty great. i spend weeks on a single face for a Clinique ad or something, and if i spent that long on a portrait for my woodcutting, i am sure i could do some real good work. i wish i were my own assistant in that respect. i always yearned for the days of yore where i could be an assistant mixing cadmium and such for a master artist... and never realized i was fulfilling the 20th century version of that ideal - its just that my palette is all binary code, and the images are magazine ads instead of church diptych's and such.

speaking of good images though, below are a few images from a swiss printer named Felix Vallotton. I stumbled across'd his work in a german auktion katalog (notice my pseudo-german spelling) and loved the early comic-esque approach - i can see how artists like seth and chris ware would find inspiration from such a figure. below are four images of his that i particularly enjoy

i really would like to learn how to print-make with the older techniques of etching, engraving and acquatint. i have no real yearning to screenprint... but those older methods really leave me with something to desire.

i wanted to take a class - but it shall not happen at this time, perhaps this artist i like (swoon) will have time to show me some printing techniques with her larger woodcuts... until then - i shall just keep to sketching and brainstorming ideas.

although - i recently started seeing some swoon-esque pasted-up graffitti on the streets on my way to work in SoHo, and just found out that they were the work of an older acquaintance of mine named brendan fagan... some pretty great stuff to see on your walk to work...

on a non-art based note. i have been feeling a bit dull as of late. this is a state that i hope is transitory - or at least defeatable as i am even boring myself these days. i look back on my odd past and how i always had some sort of creative element or simply strange element of my day-to-day that kept myself and others surprised or at least smirking... then i look at myself today and i see how boring and unfunny of a state i can slip into. for instance, i am trying to be funny at work... but i can't be... i am just another quiet guy... which is ok i guess... but i bore myself. and when i meet new people, i just come off as some greyish blob in the shape of a human with hair and thats about it.

i hope to combat this. though i know i am not the only one to feel this way - most non-adventure-comic-artists all seem to have this same sort of sentiment.

someone who has never seemed to fall into this disposition (as far as i can see) is bart delaney. i am not just writing this because i know he reads it from time to time... but here is a guy, who always seems to be moving from one learning experience to another. mostly musically directed, and usually always a venture made on his own. which i find admirable. though i appreciate the comforts of settling in a place, i really admire bart and his ability to be so mobile... and progressively so. not just fleeting from one thing to the next... well done friend.

thats about it for now. i just finished listening to charles mingus' solo piano disc and its time to make popcorn or draw.

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