and this shall be the new portrait

this weekend i attempted a new idea i had... this idea was entitled " 'S' Weekend".  See, the thing was, on friday night i went to go see the film Science of Sleep, and on Saturday i went to go see Sufjan Stevens and I wanted to eat breakfast at S&B polish restaurant... and fill my weekend with only "S" activities such as a Stoop Sale or  Sample Sale, or Skateboarding or something... however my plans were thwarted as i got real nice and lazy and layed around most of the time - but the point is... the idea was there... it was an idea that reminded me that the weird gene i thought might be missing was actually still around.

as for the S's that I did participate in... Science of Sleep was a great movie. That Gael Garcia Something-or-nother really put on a humorous show. and the stop animation reminiscent of that of Jan Svankmejer was done pretty darn well. Gael's character is overall pretty unhappy and seems to need his dream-life to fulfill his creative needs and his overall well-being. His work-world, however, seemed really fun. his coworkers were all strange and had no reservations about hiding their strangeness betwixt one another. i was once in that environment in high school. and i really enjoyed it .

and Sufjan Stevens put on a great show. The Town Hall is a great place to see music if you want to sit in a nice theater and really focus on the music as opposed to wiggling around a dance floor... but the audience was another thing. i am sure a lot of them were nice people... but i can't help but think these hipsters are going to ruin these hidden gems i like to have. Sufjan Stevens was relatively unknown 3 or 4 years ago when i started listenning to him, and now everywhere I go i hear his music.  And just behind me at the show i heard some tight-T-shirt-wearing-moustache-loving kids talking about Difara's Pizza... this small little pizza place way out near Avenue J in Brooklyn that only locals frequented... but sure enough... these hipsters are going to flock to these secret places and ruin them soon enough.

anyways... enough ranting... i've been reading a couple of books by haruki murikami... a japanese fiction writer who really nails the isolated, introspective character that i really like to read about. i strongly suggest his works to anyone.

as for fine art, i've been working on a couple of sketches for some new paintings and hope to prep the canvasses this week. in doing so, i've been researching some painters that i like to learn about their process and recently rekindled a love for karl weschke. i was bummed, however to find out that he died just a year ago.

but below are a few of his works that i really like

david abbott recently introduced me to the woodcuts of rockwell kent. here are some more images i quite enjoy.

and finally, a painter i just recently found out about named ferdinand hodler has hit home with regards to the new works i hope to create. here are two paitnings i really enjoy...

and last but not least... i never really found myself drawn to max beckmann. but recently, his paintings or at least color choice and painting application have been great learning resources... anyway - here are some of his works i enjoy.

and a detail...

well... thats about it. i am sorry the writing has been subpar as of late. but i will write better soon. but thanks for reading.

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