and this shall be the new portrait

i would like to talk about the human body... most specifically... this one. the one i currently own and reside it. it is getting funnier. and sometimes in a good way. and sometimes in a not one.

and if you are wondering... yes, i can say "a not one" even though its not correct english. but let's not fool ourselves... this is my musing... i can do whatever i want on it.

well anyway. my body is weird. and its in shift again. i think it knows that i am getting older and is trying to fit in with the rest of the world... even though my head doesn't want it to.

but firstly... i have been getting fat. fatter i would say. but not really fat... just with a gut... a pouch... a pooch if you will. i think it is from the lunches at my work. which i take full advantage of because they are fancy and they are free. even though i stuff myself though, it is usually healthy food. and it is usually also the only real meal of the day. and it's not like its late at night before i go to sleep or anything... it's in the middle of the day - giving my body plenty of time to awake-digest.

so all in all, i eat much less then a normal human being. but i am still gaining weird weight. i even exercise... but perhaps its just my eminant (or is it imminent?) aging. combined with an unusually slow metabolism. i try to combat it - but i will not give up free tasty lunches. no way no how.

also... if any of you out there know me. you know that i don't wash my hair - and have successfully not washed my hair since freshman year of college. i do this for many reasons... for starters, i dont like the idea of so many chemicals being thrust so close to an area of mybeing that controls everything. who wants all the chemicals seeping into their brains? secondly... i like the idea, and i fully trust that our bodies actually clean themselves, but only on a need-be basis. so when people started washing their hair too much, their bodies shut down that part that cleans itself. my hair is pretty clean i must say... but it is o' naturalle if you know what i am saying.  people try this not-washing technique - but what they don't ever really realize is... that when you initially start not washing your hair... of course it gets greasy - becuase it takes about 2 weeks to jump start that function of your body that cleans your head. its just like if you were a coffee drinker everyday  (and oh yeah - thats another sign of mybody aging - i like coffee) but anyway, if you are a coffee drinker everyday, and one day you stop... of course your body will be tired that day, because it no longer produces the amount of natural energy needed because the caffeine was doing that for it... but in a few weeks, your body would kick back in and all would be hunky-dory again (i hate that term hunky-dory by the way, i dont know why i just used it). anyway, i also didnt wash my hair because i like how it made my hair a bit stiffer and malleable without having to put any care or stuff in it. and also, i like that people think its strange probably on some level. though many people are also surprised and i have even been complimented by ruby from the haircuttery and her saying that i had the nicest hair she has ever cut.

aaanyways, the whole point of that was... my hair is now older. instead of sticking up and around in ways it wants - it naturally parts itself now and lays flat and feels soft. i dont want this... but its what the "old person world" seems to make it think it should do. i try to fight it and have my hair be stiff and weird - but when i am not looking - it goes right back to perfectly parted again.... how? how.?

another way my body is weird - is that i am currently in another cycle of my life where i can not taste things.  this happens to me every so often. and my mother recently informs me that it is in fact some weird deep nasal drip - that even though i can smell, i can't taste. but the truth of the matter is. i really just can't taste sometimes. not a thing... it can go on like this for months. and while i can still feel the sensations of taste... like, my tongue reacts to salty foods in a certain way, and sweet foods in another; i don't actually acheive the sensation of enjoying flavor.  this is always strange when it comes on - and every time i eat i keep trying to jumpstart the tasting back in - but it never works - it just gradually returns and one day - i just realize that i can taste again and i've been tasting for a while. its so gradual its like when you grow and you don't realize it because its been slowly happening for a while.... but someone who hasn't seen you in a while notices right away.

anyway, in accordance with this non-taste... i (with my unusually large tonsils) get a white abscess of cottage-cheese-textured white substance that builds up in the caverns of my tonsils. its weird, and strange, and i hear it can give me bad breath. this also happens every so often, and apparently its tonsillolethis or something, and is just natural, but some people have it more extreme than others... i being on the extreme end of things.

i currently have a soar throat, can not taste, and noticed these white tonsil kernels were back. i can usually dislodge a few with an enhanced maneuvering of the back of my tongue.. but i realized that as soon as that white bit is knocked out of my tonsil, another one fills in. sooo.. tonight - i reached back there, and squeezed my tonsil - and sure enough, the white substance kind of oozed out from not one, but three different caverns in my tonsil. like i have had this white substance hidden inside the tonsil for a while. apparently, its good feeding grounds for a bacteria, which is not good, and is a kind of tonsilitis... but i don't fear it none.

i hear-tale that its bad to squeeze your tonsil as it turns out. so i won't do that anymore, but its just weird. its weird that i can't taste, and weird that this stuff comes out of my nobby things in my throat. and it apparently really hurts to have your tonsils removed when you are older. so i wil gargle with salt water instead.

saltwater seems to be some magical cure-all. it always works but i don't know why.
you gargle with it.
and whats the proper gargling technique anyway?
sometimes i do it with the sound - the tone i mean
and sometimes i gargle in silent mode with no tone
is one better than the other?
should i gargle with warm water? i do. i think warm is a healer too somehow.
how come no one really teaches people simple things like how to gargle?
anyways - what is gargling doing anyway?
i mean, i know that salt water is good for you (though i don't know why)
but does gargling just agitate this magical elixir?
is it ok to just lean your head back and let the saltwater stand for a minute or so?
isn't gargling dangerous? you have closed the air valve because there's a liquid in your mouth, but at the same time - you are intermittently openning it up to force out air?
sounds dangerous - i dont want saltater in my lungs - but maybe thats what makes it so good - the danger - you are scaring your body into being healthy by saying you just might just might drown it.

yes - i typed just might twice on purpose.

but to go even further back - why is saltwater so wonderful?
i mean, salt is a dehydratant  -
and yes- i know thats not a word - but it dehydrates things
or at least it melts ice and makes slugs and things shrivel...
but putting a dehydrant in water - doesnt that cancel it out?
is the mere fact that saltwater is a paradox make it healthy?
are we confusing the natural order of things by adding salt to water and then putting it in our throats and openning two valves at once?

pheuw - this is getting intense
if you are still reading... thanks
i wonder if meredith mcglinchey reads this
do you meredith?

point being for everything already stated
my body is weird
its getting hairier
and i dont know what to do with it

i am in my roomates bed because my mom is in town and sleeping in my room this night
he has a really nice bed
i can't wait for the day for me to get a nice bed, and really comfy sheets, and make a nice bathroom, and nice bookshelves - those are the things i am reeeeallly giong to treat myself right to - becuase i mean... why not?

today i went to liberty island and ellis island with my mom.
and it was strange - the second i got onto liberty island (the one with the statue of liberty on it) the star wars imperial storm trooper song came in to my head - that one that darth vader always walks in with... and the second i left the island (if i remember correctly)... it was gone.
out of my head
is that weird? is it becuase lady liberty kind of resembles lord vader?

it doesn't resemble jeff vader
though i hear he got married this weekend
my mom knew that too

i also have been reading a lot of haruki murakami - i am on my 4th book of his now and i just got a 5th. e'er so good. i suggest him to anyone. his writing is so neat becuase it transports you into the lives of the characters and really makes your own reality vanish when you are reading. its mezmerizing.

lets see... what else is new. i bought a fancy bottle of wine the other day. fontalloro felsina 2000 cabernet sauvignon from tuscany. its really good - i have yet to drink it - i am waiting

also - i have been getting reeeal inspired by the MET as of late, and i am going again tomorrow - i am ready to make some arts. pictures below are from the met... some of them..

oh - and also, i know i have mentioned this in the past... but, THE EXHUMIST has been progressing again. i have been doing a little research and studying on how i want to make it. i have been going to the 3rd floor of the strand bookstore. this secret elevator-access-only floor has all these neat rare books, but the binding and design of them are really great.

for those of you who don't know, THE EXHUMIST is a series of books i hope to put out - in very small editions (pretty much by order) of some artwork by myself and my friends. a good way to get a lot of art to people who want it in a relatively cheap way. the idea behind the "exhumist" part of it is that we are exhuming ideas and techniques of the older crafts of art making (bookmaking being one of them). i hope to make small runs of small hardcover books with art from dutch, julie, fiamma, massimo, adam, scarlotte, ted, david, josh, etc.  though no one has really given me much art for it. if you are reading this... i want your art for this. i want to get started.

one of my biggest fears about making art (as opposed to music) is that i just make things, then eventually just store them and ruin them with age and not good care. but if i have all this art recorded in a book that can be safely stored and have multiple prints - then i ease my worries. and its great to show some great art to people.

point is - that is starting up again soon

also some new graphic work i am doing:
i am finishing up this week
and starting work on chef enrique olvera's website
as well as doign some more artwork for stephane wrembel's cd cover
and i once re-designed the con-ed logo - i would love to somehow show it to someone there.

but also - i have started prepping the canvasses and doing the drawings for 2 new paintings and 3 new woodcuts. i am excited to get working. i also am hoping to do some drawings on board with washes applied. i've seen a lot lately as i peruse the museums and bookstores and quite get inspired by what i see.

i have also had some ideas for a new stained glass piece and a mosaic tiles piece - but i think those two will probably wait a bit

and also, on sundays i am going to start taking an etching and woodblock printing class at the ny student artists league. the classes are cheap and pretty well revered. so i hope to learn some new stuff again soon.

ok... to get to the pictures.

did i even mention john coltrane's house? i went to visit it on N.33rd street in philly on his birthday. it was great. i never realized how close he actually lived to where i gew up. the house was quite and in an unassuming part of town. perfect i thought. though i visited it at night - here is a picture from the daytime.  the one weird thing when i went was. as i peaked in through the stained glass windows by the door - i saw someone which seemed to be dressed in either really shiny leather... or a trashbag... eitherway - it was neat.

this next bit of art is a detail of an ambroggio lorenzetti. this guy is amazing. i need to research him more - but i love his weird perspective and flattened cityscapes.

he's a cityscape by emmet gowin with the same sort of feel - only about 500 years later and in a different medium.

egon schiele also did some nice ones...

one of my new woodcuts will involve an idealized cityscape of brooklyn

this next bit of art is from an unknown artist i stumbled acrossed when i put cityscape in a google image search. i really like that google image search - you can come across a lot of great things. the artist's name is damon kowarsky. his website is...right here

also, one of my future paintings will be to continue the tradition of paintings of woman with parrott... here are some versions by artist heroes of mine...

courbet's woman with parrott

delacroix's woman with parrott

manet's woman with parrott

and just for the heck of it... here's honore daumier's figure pulling a boat

and also - another images i stumbled acrossed and liked... was a detail of a rembrandt landscape. it looks a lot like how modern comic book artists draw trees.

thats about it for now. those interested in the exhumist  - please email me - i hope to really get some momentum soon.
i like this line from a steven wright stand-up act i just saw...

"...24-hour banking?... ... i don't have time for that."

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