and this shall be the new portrait

"nothing so consumes a person as meaningless exertion"
        - haruki murakami WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES page 50.

again - this murakami chap has really gotten things write. he says it - and i've thought it, but nary said it as eloquently. his stories bring me to a mental state that i really enjoy.

i know i talk up this author a lot on this musing - but i really think he deserves it, and people should pick up some of his literature as soon as humanly possible.

tonight after work, i went home and, for the first time in a while, took the oh-so necessary 12 minutes of relaxation. usually, when i get home i go right to the computer or start exercising or working on something. but today, i poured a glass of wine, and sat and listenned to count basie for a little while. it was really great. in just those few minutes my whole mental state elevated. afterwards, to bring my physical self up to par, i exercised and found myeslf physically refreshed as well... i hope to keep up this newfound, or rather, soon-to-be routine.

if you have seen the FOCUS page of my site, you will have noticed a few new works up. this new work is made possible by an etching and printmaking class i a mtaking at the artists students league of new york. my first etch ever is now up on the prints page  click  HERE to see it.

Anyway, I find it necessary to explain why a significant amount of the figures on my site are nude. While some may say art doesn't need or at least, good art doesn't warrant explanation... i don't care what some may say... so the reason that the characters are nude, on the whole, is for a couple reasons. the first of which is, there is so much more information and so much more to draw in the human figure sans frocks than there is in a clothed figure. But also, when you clothe a figure, you usually place this figure in a context or a time. sometimes this is ok, or will work with the intent of the art, however, a lot of the work i do is symbolic, and thus necessitates a universality in imagery that can only be made by taking all unecessary contextual references out. anyway, thats some explanation. there's probably more out there that i am forgetting. but thats ok.

speaking of explanations, meredith mcglinchey was kind enough to answer my salt-water inquiry..." is a healing substance because of osmosis. see, bacteria are single-celled organisms with permeable membrances. so, if a salty environment is suddenly introduced to bacteria, a la a saltwater gargle, the water in the bacteria will want to "even out" (i believe the term is stasis or something like it) the environment, that is, it will travel from inside the bacteria to the salt water to make the salt water less salty. but, in the process, the little bacteria guys loose all their fluids, killing them. hence, saltwater is healing because it does actually kill bacteria, paving the way for the body's natural healing process.

to get back to art, this new etching class is bringing an interest in artists i had never before perused in depth. inasmuch, i went to the armory prints show this past weekend and saw some great work that inspired me. and here are some examples.

a majority of the work are images by the man above, Jacques Hnizdovsky. mostly wood or lino cuts, this guy really made some simple things look beautiful. a lot to be learned here...

this one feels Dürer influenced no?

my next few works are commissioned woodcuts for a book, one of which is an image of corn. it was nice to see another artist tackle the imagery so well in the same medium, though a little intimidating. the book is for chef enrique olvera. fiamma has taken all of the photographs for teh forthcoming publication and they look really amazing. i am priviledged to get to show my work in the same context.

this next piece is a woodcut by felix vallotton, i believe i showed some of his work in a musing not too far back. this particulr one i quite like.

welp, thats about it for imagery for now.

now i am going to take a quick shower, and begin work on another portrait for a website i am designing. speaking of which, is coming to a internets near you soon. designed by yours truly, and put into action by sigfrido chirinos, this site will allow you to peer into the life of a good friend. co-founder of the term "hub-hub"

oh also, if you have comments or critiques or ideas or what to add your two cents, please feel free to do so by emailing me at sometimes this one-sided discourse gets lonely

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