and this shall be the new portrait

good morning everyone. it is early and i am up. its a quiet time to be up early in the morning... both mentally and in actuality. though i am hungry, i have nary a bite to eat in house... so i use this time to re-acquaint myself with the new postings of mr. david abbott and mr. josh powell. the former is in england, in school as a student... and the latter is in japan, in school as a teacher.  and here i am in new york, not in school.

these fellows are good to learn things by, and i like to mimic their doings even down to the minutiae of pretending i have a silly british accent and only eating sushi. the two have introduced me to great art, among other things... and while i try to convince them to move to brooklyn, for the time being i will live vicariously through them and do as they do.

recently, david mentioned in his site that he sports this newfound UNIQLO phenomenon of cheap japanese clothing (as per the suggestion of josh). i find it coincidental that one of their stores just openned a door down from my work, and thus will peruse such a store myself in case i ever need to pose as one of these two chaps.

folks like these two (among a few others) are pretty important to me as of late, as i am finding friends very important to have. not just acquaintances, but someone you can count on and trust that their well wishes extend in your direction. as of late i find friends like this very hard to find. i seem to be finding far less new ones, and losing some of the ones i used to have.

so to those of you who consider me your friend, i appreciate it muchly.

in the words of murakami's protagonist's friend in NORWEGIAN WOOD, "never feel sorry for yourself, only a**holes do that"

however, on the flipside of that slightly self-involved feel-sorry-for-me-writing... i have recently had the pleasure of emailing the wife and daughter of my newfound favorite artists jacques hnizdovsky. while i have never met these two, they have extended the warmest of well-wishes my way, given me insight to the work and life of the artist, access to videos of his work as well as discourse with the director of the ukrainian museum, a print of his small edition of EX LIBRIS, and suggestions on how to cure the ills of my nasal passage dilemma. their selfless acts of kindness could not have come at a better time and i found it so refreshing to find people outside of my day-to-day how-do-you-do's that are kind and interesting and caring.

and on the flip side of that... the dentist tried to murder me last weekend.
now i know it was partly my fault for not wanting to have the inside of my oral cavity scraped at with metal spears in the past 3 years... but it was entirely my fault as i was poor and had no dental insurance. however, fearing the agedness of my body, i recently scheduled a dentist appointment up in queens.

upon arrival to the dental office, i met lillian ("lil" if youre good friends with her) we spoke as i filled out my forms, and she coached me on proper brushing and flossing techniques and we were getting along swimmingly. i was enjoying finding all ten hidden toothbrushes in the door poster for kids when she asked me how often i flossed.

me being the silly, honest person i try to be, mentioned once a week at best. and thats when the tide changed. i feel like dentists and oral hygenists find that a personal offense and a blatent disregard for their profession. at that very moment i saw a twinkle in her eye that cast a gloomy shadow upon my molars as she began sharpenning her tools.

a few minutes later, the very "lil" who had suggested to be gentle to my gums and massage them with care... was prodding them with the sharpest , metalliest sounding object i ever wished to encounter.

soon, the promised "half-hour-cleaning" was going on for over an hour, with mouth rinses into the tiny circular sink every 3 minutes or so. now i understand that gums bleed when youre at the dentist, but there was so much blood in my mouth rinses, that the color was not even watery pink or red, but almost black with the amount of blood. the situation got so out of hand that the nurse had to daub my beard area with  gause to catch the excesss blood that didnt have the ability to make it down the ?-mark shaped sucker tool that was draining my life force.

in all fairness, i'll now call her "lillian" offered me a tap-out option. inasmuch, i could raise my left hand if i wanted her to stop. though i figure, i paid for it, i came all the way to queens, i want healthy teeth... i'll take this pain and i sat on my hands.

the rest of the day laughed at me as i spat blood-riddled saliva and dreamt of anything non-sugary and soft to comfort my gummy mouth tissue.

post-hence, i went to the aforementioned ukrainian museum, then to NYCentral art supply to pick up rice paper and wood cutting tools and such, and then home to work on art.

as sunday is my new day of work at the NY Artists League where i am learning etching, acquatint, mezzotint and the likes. i quite like it there, but am afraid i will have to stop classes for a month as i go to a wedding with john farley and a sojourn to baltimore for a bi-annual (does that mean twice a year? or once every two years?) meeting with aaron gause and adam hopkins. and of course thanksgiving and christmas get in the way of the sunday class.

anway, i quite like it there, and even though i fear artists... all of the people i meet there are relatively older in age and i like that much more than people my age when it comes to art. and also, the class i am in has 1-2 students at max, so the press is not held up, and i dont get overwhelmed there.

ideally, i would love to have a press at home, but those things are heavy and expensive... like led zeppelin tickets or something (that was a poor joke, i dont even really think it makes all that much sense)

anyway, jacques hnizdovsky printed his beautiful prints with a spoon for a while before he got a press in the mid 70's so why can't i? i do need to figure out a good way to clean my wood and linoleum though in a less-than-studio environment if that is my goal.... any ideas anyone? i know gamsol or even just turpentine work, but the logistics of washing that stuff down my bathroom sink doesn't seem right.

speaking of studios, have i shown my old studio on this site?

this was the front door to my studio in mount airy (philadelphia), PA. it was a beautiful place to work with an old-timey stove a lot of natural light and a quiet room that was reminiscent of studios of yore i wonder. i dont think i fully utilized it to its potential while it was there, but i did get a good amount of work done there. i long for another place like that, and the time to work there again... here's a pic from the inside....

see? i told you it was nice... that chair was so simple, i love simple things like that, and my simple wood-carving tools, and those green window pews in the background there.

anyways, i got side-tracked... sunday i had my print class, and then post that, i went to the studio of my work to work on raymond meier photographs until midnight. a long day, and slightly frustrating at times as i am still learning to master the craft of digital retouching... but a good one nonetheless (sans my e'er sore gums)

welp, lets talk about some new work shall we?... adam hopkins new website is almost up and running, and i am starting designs on enrique olvera's site. my first attempt at animation for a flash site, so that shall be fun. also, i am working on three woodcuts for his book, as well as designing stephane wrembel's new live CD (i just finished his previous CD designs in the summer).

As for my own work, the new Timothy Huff of NASA etching looked ok, but i want to apply an acquatint atop to give it more depth (literally and visually). also, preliminary work is still under way for the parrott painting and the crane and weight-bench woodcut. 

Additionally, FACEBREAKER, a new musical endeavor by dutch huff and myself will soon commence and i need to get the rust of the old guitar fingers.

and finally, yes ryan shean, i saw your art for the EXHUMIST, and those ideas are still underway. while i really want to get it going and have plenty of ideas to do so, i still need more work to fill the pages that is not all my own. this is partly my fault... but those of you reading this know who you are if its partly your fault too.

but crap... i really need to get on that i think. soo much to do, too much regular work... not enough art and music work.

oh speaking of which, last night i saw some beautiful mozart violin sonatas at carnegie hall, they were great

ok, its now 8am. i need to shower and get to work early.
Thanks for reading, and because you did such a nice job, i will reward you with some photographs.



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