and this shall be the new portrait

and a good morning to those of you reading this... if in fact it's morning where and when you are reading this. if not, save that comment until it is, and then remember it when you first arise, and picture me handing you a cup of joe or orange juice if you prefer while saying "good morning" and you'll like me a lot more.

from where i am, its 953am on saturday morning, its quiet and not even the cats are awake enough to run down the hall.

i am tired myself, but in a good just-woken-up sort of way that will dissipate as the sleep dust gets brushed away by the awakedity of my being. despite my just-from-sleep status, i will have to be alert on this musing to avoid more-than-normal spelling mistakes as the "G" key on my computer has decided to be tough to use as of late. it works, but one must press its keypad twice as hard as normal, and my typing fingers aren't used to that, so many times words like "googgley glass eyed" wind up looking like "ooley lass eyed" if i am not careful. 

there is much to talk about as i have not written in a few weeks, and the last writing involved some major thoughts, but i will stick to my thoughts of the morning for now and talk more about my holidays and trip to mexico, silly montezuma and his loatheful revenge and such when i put pictures on my computer.

but as for the notions of art versus music, a lot of friends wrote me about the thoughts and i took your writings to heart. beryl solla, ted holland, david abbott, josh powell, mira hnizdovsky bart delaney and others i can't remember this early (remember the morning-unkempt-mind that i am hosting at this moment) all said things that were great becuase they seemed to somehow amazingly refer to myself, themselves, and the greater predicament all in one. and i think that is a three-pronged attack to a good argument, much like the the tri-corner hats when this country was  being built, those ideas are the tri-corner hats which sit on the white wig of good reason.

ok, well... you get the point. anyway, i thank my friends for their kind words. and what i have come up with is that i will return to art for sure. i'd be only fooling myself to say i'd be satisfied with leaving it like an abandoned child on the side of the proverbial road, or perhaps leaving it in a hot station wagon on a summer's day with the window's rolled up while i go and buy the proverbial groceries and newest GLAMOUR magazine of of daily routine.

what i am trying to say is, i just need a little break. what with my current status of working a lot and trying to spend some non work time enjoying myself, its hard to make anything productive and artistically important on any grander scale. furthermore, i do love music and hope to just get back a few of my chops so as to play a bit more out. inasmuch, i will be just taking a little break from art making to pick it up when perhaps i have a housing situation that gives me room to build my drafting table, and store the work, and a frame of mind that is good for art making. that may take a year or few, but i think its an important step of the process that a lot of artists seemingly went through.

what i think will more than likely be the case is that i will still make a few select pieces that i find myself not able to not think about, and probably some woodcuts along the way... but for the most part, trying to do some music for the time being would be great.

more to come with that later. as for now, a thought that has been on my mind a lot recently is the what and why regarding the damage we are doing to our little planet. i recently watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and thought not only what a different place our world would be in right now if the Florida vote of 2000 hadn't been so shim-sham. but also the thoughts of being so hurtful to our only planet just makes me sad. especially when its so easy to make it right.

then last night i watched Man Vs. Wild, which was a surprisingly fun and  educational show on Discovery. But on this particular episode, the "Man" was in the "Wild" of the Costa Rican rainforest and i was reminded of the detrimental rate of demolishment thats going on all so we can eat the newest McDonald's McTriple-McStack McCheese McBurger and it further saddenned me.

Which reminds me of a great graphic novel from the 80's called "Give Me Liberty" which I strongly reccomend. It is set in the near future where the government is completely dismantled and there is a war going on between the new powers which are the Fast Food Chains and one girls attempt live in this not-too-distant scenario.

Anyway, the most annoying thing is how seemingly futile my small attempts at recylcing and such in this greater world of trash. I want to do more, and shall look up ways to be more active.

on a more positive note, i recently picked up some new CDs to which i really dig. These include: the new Ultra Dolphins Disc MAR, coltrane's SOULTRANE, DOO-WOP top 50's, Rachmaninov's SYMPHONIC DANCES, duke ellington's SUCH SWEET THUNDER, chet baker's EARLY YEARS, big bill boonzey OLD TIMEY GUITAR and a few others. I mention them thusly in case those of you have any interest.

one other thing i was reminded of yesterday when i was at the bank. which is that i am uncannily good at folding letter sized paper into a perfect tri-fold to fit a reular envelope. everytime, i make my initial fold seemingly willy-nilly... but sure enough...that last edge of the paper created after making the second fold winds up ending perfectly at the initial fold into a perfect. man that makes me happy.

another task that makes me real happy is giving good directions to strangers when called upon. i feel wise and all-knowing when this happens... IF i do it well. however, just two days ago, a nice woman pulled up in some SUVish type car and asked me where the "courts" were. now for some reason, all i could think of was basketball courts and i thought for a moment while her light was still red, but when i realized that i didnt think i knew of a good place where the "courts" might be (and at this point, i am already thinking that these "courts" must be some pretty special basketball courts if people can refer to them commonly as the "courts") i had to tell her i didn't know. i stuck my proverbial direction-giving tail betwixt my legs like a sorry excuse for dizzy foxhound. it was only after the light turned green and she started accelerating into the unknown that i realized she was refering to actual courts of law. "BLAST!" i thought, "I know exactly where those are. you just head down atlantic and take a left onto court street" but alas, it was too late. now i am not sure if my instantaneous reasoning for thinking "courts" implied basketball was because i live in brooklyn, and it just seems cool, or if i am a young kid still in some ways, or if its because i grew up near the "oreland courts" or if i am just not use to hearing courts of law in the plural... but i failed, and to you SUVish-car-driving-lady, i am sorry and i hope you made it there ok and on time.

well, there were a few more things to write, and perhaps i will later, but for now, i forget them... and craig just woke up, so maybe i'll go get a bagel. (ok, i had to add those two last stories about the courts and the tri-fold a day later, and then i just read this last sentence a day after initially writing it, and i just wanted to say that the bagel was delicious.)


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