and this shall be the new portrait

So, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has passed us by for the 2007 version. I hope all of you celebrated it with at least one speech or imprisonment. At the very least, listen to a speech or sermon of Dr. King's... which is what I like to do.

There is a part in his sermon "Losing some mighty precious values" where his voice gets so emotionally charged that i find it difficult not to come near crying it's that powerful (sometimes i find that difficult in general with emotionally charged things these days, but thats a whole nother story). was Dr. King the last non-violent, humanitarian social leader with large impact? when will the next one come i wonder?

Another thing that brought me happiness so far this january is the very fact that i saw ice. right now it is 29 degrees fahrenheit outside. which makes me happy becuase  a 70 degree january in new york was making me feel a bit uneasy. but the other day, on my way to work, i had to avoid ice to stay atop my feet, and that was a task i acceptedly willingly like a baby albatross accepting food after its parent just returned from a 25,000 mile journey.

speaking of far journeys and warm weather... i went to mexico as i mentioned in the last musing. i promised pictures... and here i shall give...

this first one is a beach i relaxed upon in puerto vallarta. the waves were fun here, not as lare as san pancho... but equally tricky with what the craggly rocks abundant. after this beach i ate a local treat... 12 hours later to vomit it up into the porcelain stomach of a bathroom.

this next vista is from one near where fiamma grew up. it looks out to the bay and whoosh does it get a nice breeze and sun at this time of day. i am sorry for cutting off the top of the church... i really am.

here you have fiamma enjoying one of her favorite local treats of coconut meat and milk in a bag. quite delicious, and very fun to watch the man with a machete break open the coconut just like he might my skull if i were his enemy. then he'd put my head juice into a bag... but hopefully the locals would not drink it with a green straw. while i enjoyed this treat, it was the last real thing i consumed before my sickening stage... and thus... will nary eat it again. just like hot pockets and kate van horn's house in 8th grade.

cobblestoned hills is how you approach most houses in this town... and boy do i like cobble.  this is the view from fiamma's parents house. a really great abode. i like the houses in this town becuase at least 30% of them are outside, and the window's rarely have closed glass (sometimes no glass at all). this proverbial how-do-you-do to the outside world while in the confines of ones home is a nice balance indeed.

this is the closest ship i've ever seen to my might tiny tattoo. though it is a booze cruise... which is a little dissapointing. i did not ride the high seas on it as i think the demeanor of the ship goers would make my left arm sad... but i did pretend my arm was a ship on the very sea as i went swimming; lazily dipping the mid-left bicep area into the miniscus of the sea and allowing my shoulder-topped-mast to sail the mexican seas.

here is a photo of fiamma in front of a statue.

and here is one of myself for those of you who haven't seen my mug in a while. i am normally not this red... but i've been slightly sunned at this point.

and finally... here is a goodbye scene to mexico. it was my first trip to the country and i enjoyed it. it felt much more like europe than i anticipated.

to change gears... i don't know if any of you have enjoyed a kit kat as of late. but i strongly suggest you do. they have recently adjusted their chocolate to wafer ratio and i really do like what their experiments have resulted in. i wonder who's behind all of this research of candy bar alterations. i really hope it is silly scientists and not advertising executives. nonetheless, the bar is delicious. i suggest you buy one for the 21century price of approximately $0.75 and enjoy as you might a fine bordeoux. enjoy the aroma, note the creaminess of the cocoa, let your tonque roll around the wafer bits before completely masticating. if you are not satisfied that your $0.75 was well spent, email me at with your address and your reasons why... and i will reimburse you. now i am not going to sit here and say that the new packaging has been augmented proportionately to the morsels of goodness inside. i was a long time fan of the red-paper-hugged tin foil wrapping. now the silly scientists/execs have decided its probably marginally cheaper to use standard plasticy paper generic wrapper. the kind of thing those people over at snickers or baby ruth might do....

but, just as some robber baron of the early 20th century used six drops of solder as opposed to 7 on his tin cans to save a penny and become the millionaire type to beat the competitors... i don't know where i was going with that... i just remember parts of that story from a Mr. Eickhoff 11th grade AP US History lesson.

I have all of these partial memories of things stored in my brain that i hope to use as impetus for silly song lyrics if i ever need to write as such. memories such as playing pick-up sticks and eating single-wrapped cheese and cereal late at night in gradma kermin's kitchen...or... reading some really neat book about fish in my bed late at night when i was young so i could stay up and listen to the sound of the shower which i loved ever so much.

one last bit of note... there is a website that i think is interesting. it deals with the cost of war and national priorities and can be viewed here. it is a shame to see approximated, yet factually based information as to how all the killing in iraq could've been used for good. check out the site for a minute if you like.  this information was offered up via an email from mikey carroll... or rather a response to such from a brian carroll... who i can only assume is a brother. sooo, thanks carroll's for the information.

well, that's about it for this musing i think. i am going to head out to breakfast soon. so far this morning i woke up... checked to see if craig wanted to go get breakfast... but he has already gone into saturday work. then listenned to john coltrane as i typed. i also made my first french press coffee on my own, in practice of soon using a french press that santa claus gave me. i made the coffee too strong... but delicious.

i hope all of you have a nice weekend. and thanks for reading these. i hope to soon get an option where people can put in their own remarks... and ponderances... that interactivity should be fun yes?

if you like musings and writings, good friend adam hopkins has started a pretty good one on his website here . Sheesh! that sites got simple slick designs! even if adam says that his best part of his new york trip was not me crumbling blueberry muffins into every cranny of his car corners.


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