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now i'm not the most social guy in the world, but recently lunch conversations at my place of work have been slightly quiet what with a shift in the personell and all. now don't get me wrong, i am fine at keeping the momentum of a conversation going, but starting one... thats a different story

today though, it was more quiet than normal and i found an opportunity to share a silly notion i think about sometimes that usually evolves into good hearted banter but by the end of lunch today, i was told my idea was "totally uninteresting" and the quiet lunch got even quieter than normal

the idea is about a mirror ball.
i will gladly discuss this with any of my friends but am wary to try it on psuedo-strangers now, due to the hardship it seemed to cause

anyway, the notion is such its just an idea a hypothetical situation that always makes me think

but it involves a sphere which is completely perfect, no seams on the inside of this sphere, the surface is a perfect mirror,  so we have a mirror with no corners but connects infinitely in a perfect sphere.

for visualization sake, let's say this mirror sphere is 3 feet in diameter.

now  what if something was to be placed inside this sphere... how would the reflections go? there would be no angles to make a  normal reflection and at the same time
every part of any element introduced into this sphere mirror would reflect on every point of the sphere infinitely due to the shear math and the fact that that any element would reflect at one angle of the curve, and onto another, and another, and this process goes on seamlessly as the mirror is a perfect sphere.

like going into a hall of mirrors at an amusement park, the reflections would warp and stretch so much, that the beginning of the reflection would wrap all the way around the sphere and eventually connect with its end.

for your visualization, here are a few diagrams... now to keep it simple... i am not going to take into the effect that the reflections would warp to make them huge, but rather direct the reflection to a single point. secondly, i will be working with simple elements introduced into this mirror sphere (in this case, colored balls). and thirdly, for visualization sake, i will be working with a 2-dimensional space, one that is flat and thus is only a small portion of what would really exist in the 3 dimensional world, wherein these reflections would come 360 degrees  towards and away from the viewer... but for the time being, lets focus on the simple illustrations...

here we have a simple circle which is to represent the mirror sphere to which we are seeing a cross section. we have introduced a simple red circle into the sphere. for simplicity sake, lets just say the red ball reflects in these 4 different angles, while in actuality, we know it reflects infinitely more.

fig 2
now of course, as figure 2 points out, these 4 reflections would not reflect once and stop, but would rather reflect yet again to a different part of the mirrored surface.

fig 3
and again....

fig 4
now what if we introduce a second element into the mirror sphere. in this case, a blue ball... hee hee hee... blue ball....

fig 5
and what about a third element?

fig 6
and a few more...

fig 7
and well... you get the point.

so as you can see, even if we break the notion into the simplest 2-dimensional realm and introduce only simple elements and show only a small fragment of their reflections, it already gets quite complex.  now what if those elements we introduce are complex, each with different colors and shapes and sizes, and perhaps some are sitting on the bottom of the sphere and some on the side and some suspended in the middle... now think of all of these reflections extending into the 3rd dimension of space, and this simple diagram. and the notion that each reflection isnt a proper view of whats inside, but a completely warped and stretched view...

fig 8
i always joke that i think this could create some sort of wonder power and would create some sort of explosion because you have an action that compounds on itself infinetely

i was later told by one of those involved in this horrible attempt at lunch jocundity that the mirror would in fact not explode at this point becuase there was no flint to start a fire, i just had to give up... of course it wouldn't  explode, it was just a way to verbalize that immensity of something in a hopefully funny way.

then later, when another person in this conversation was trying to explain how my idea was wrong, they happened to use the example of throwing a tennis ball against two walls. i ran with this metaphor (knowing full well that it had many faults, but i had hopes that perhaps it could at least help explain my point.)

the participant against my argument said that the ball would just bounce back to me and eventually run out of momentum thats when i tried to suspend disbelief and get into a world where tennis balls could bounce forever inside a giant sphere

but then the aforementioned speaker who said my idea would not necessitate an explosion said that only in space could a tennis ball go on forever. at which point i knew i lost them and couldnt' have this discussion

everyone seemed angry at the end, and i felt like i only worsenned the lunch and everyone's outlooks of myself.

anyway, its not an idea to prove my smartness. as a matter of fact, i don't know what would really happen, i just like pondering it... and at the very least smiling at something i can't really comprehend

i used to have this great friend BJ Seidman who always knew what i was thinking and could help me explain things or at least side with me on such scenarios... man i wish he were around for this lunch.

someday i'll have to build it i guess...

any thoughts?.... if you do.

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