and this shall be the new portrait

get your musings hats on ladies and gentleman. this is sunday morning, A LOVE SUPREME is playing, and i am ready to type... with each on of my fingers (using my pinkies the least however).

first off, i thought of a good way to get out of paying for things when someone charges you. this idea came to me when dutch and i went to the stone to go see a nels cline show. we were standing in the back of the space and people (not unlike ourselves) came in late to the show. the hippie kid who runs the ticketing kept getting up from his slumberous position to ask people for the required $10 and did so in whispering tones so as to not disrupt the performance. i thought, when he informed me "It's $10 for the show", a good response would be to whisper "I have a heart condition", and then just keep on watching that nels play.

because, especially in whispering tones, people would feel bad a little bit, and also confused, and might stop trying to ask you for money. so if you are ever in such a situation where one is asking you for payment, try whispering "i have a heart condition".

also, i had one of the most aesthetically important moments of my life this past week and it came at a strange time.... now i dont want to be gross, and i don't want to get into bathroom discourse. but i feel i must discuss elements as that happenned to me to you nice fine folk.

(warning, this discourse is slightly gross in setting)

while taking care of digestive business in the respective "lou" at my work, i was pondering the inherent beauty of a match book in my pocket

they were quite beautiful to me, and the idea of having such a simple reminder of human progress carried around in my pocket felt particularly nice that morning. bear in mind, sometimes my mental state is in a bit of a weird place at work because i sit by myself in the dark listening to introspective music for hours at a time talking to no one. anyway, i was feeling a bit overly receptive to things, and at that particular moment, i was almost in love with the red of that matchbook, the way the sticks all were slightly bent, the place where the fire actually acheived its spark on the back of the matchbook.

 a few minute or two later, while still sitting atop the throne, i decided to try and figure out how to hang my ring on the tiny protruding paint bubbles on the wall affront me so it looked like the ring was defying gravity hanging on a vertical wall.... i've tried this before, but in prior occasions, the lip of my ring always mocked me as it refused to cling to the wall miniscule bubbles and went tumbling to the floor in a clang. today however, i was fully succesful, i sat there for a full 2 minutes just watching my ring just hang in mid wall.  i thought things couldnt get better... but just then, not just 10 yards away, none other than philip glass himself started playing piano.... now i am not talking about a recording of philip glass... no no no... the man himself was playing a miniature grand piano in the studio of my work awaiting his photo-taking. he was playing some of his recent work, and i was getting rid of some of my recent work. ok gross... but still a wonderful thing when you put all of those elements together in just a few short minutes.

needless to say, it was probably one of the best aesthetic moment i've had in many moons

on a more somber note, i have been reading about global warming due to a new book club i am involved in. the club involves a book trade betwixt 11 people who all live intracontinentally far from one another. anyways, a friend from college (sam wood)'s father gave me my first book, FIELD NOTES ON A CATASTROPHE, which spells out many of the signs of global warming and the problems we face. it was depressing to have such a read so early in the mornings on my ways to work, but i think importantly so. anyway, the basic conclusion is, the problems we have created now have a momentum that will go into future centuries regardless, and yes, we can slow certain elements and hope to curb any future projections, but this will require participation on a global scale and at all levels.

it makes me so sad to think that if Al Gore had been elected in 2000 (like he was), that our world would be in such a healthier state. Sure, I can't say whether our position on everything with regards to politics would be 100% perfect, but it would have to at least be better than our situation now, and his gung-ho mindset toward global warming combatance would've made such a difference... a chance we passed up that we won't have again. in 2000, the C02 levels were at a much easier level to handle than they are now.

Now I don't want to be a fatalist, but the problem seems overwhelming. Its great to try and remedy the problem on a local scale with recycling, energy saving cars and bulbs, and conservation and such... but the larger scales of China and US governmental stances can dwarf any attempts to right this wrong in minutes if not done properly. It makes me upset to think that a couple CEO's of General Motors, Ford, a couple Presidents and governmental officials will decide the fate of the world we exist in, for petty things such as slightly more money than the vast amounts they already can't spend.

Anyways, there is a gentleman by the name of Marty Hoffert who has some real interesting ideas on how solve the energy problem. a bit off the wall yes, but real interesting... such as putting expanding solar panels in space that will receive 8X as much solar power as those here on earth, and will never have night or bad weather, and can have the energy transported back to earth like cell phone signals. or turbines suspended in the jet stream, or super conducting wires to combat energy loss during transportation. There are a lot of people with ideas that can stop our Global Warming, but they require global agreements and spending and such. But one scientist in the book had a great quote that went something along the lines of, "at one point we knew that slavery was wrong, and even though it was a lifestyle and economic set back, we righted the wrongs, same with child labor... and many other examples... it will take effort and money to right this wrong, but we've done it in the past, and now we can't even fathom a slightly more convenient life for such travesties... the global condition should be the same". a little idealistic yes, but i liked it, and i think thats what we need.

ok, that was a lot of words, so i will ease your eyes with a recent picture of myself before the beard goes off for the next 6 months...

and here's a detail of my mug... yes my eyes always glow nowadays...

ok, just a few other things and then i will let you fine folks on your way.

first off, a weird thing i remembered from my youth was that, whenever I was about to get sick, i could not shake the image from SPACEBALLS of the two light sabers twisting around one another and getting stuck. Whenever i mentally pictured that image, i knew it was time to find a bucket.... weird ehh?

and also, my mind, before it settled down or developed, would often work much faster than i could keep up with, it would think so quickly and change direction so rapidly that it would almost get me dizzy. i would have this internal dialogue with more than one perspective in the conversation about the thoughts in my head... and i am sure that if i still had these episodes, i would have gone crazy by now. anyways, the only way to slow down my head at those times, was to picture KING RALPH. or rather, John Goodman on the throne as king ralph. that image alone would slow down my mental process enough to a healthy state.

lastly, i have recently been displeased with what i would call "enthusiastic acceptance of mediocrity". I know this sounds jaded, and crotchety, but some of the art and music i have seen by people my age has been accepted as great, but i can't help to think that most of it is just fluff. at this age, we have the economic means and the mental awareness to actually make art of a higher craft, but that doesn't mean the ideas have gotten better... as a matter of fact, i have been noticing that because of these eases in the economic and awareness of life, that we have left ingenuity and experimentation behind. for instance, people now can afford fancy recording systems and good mics, but that doesn't mean the things they record are that much better. or rather, artists can reference hipster-phenomenon henry darger in their work as opposed to pulling from a library of escher or dali, but that doesn't mean their artwork is any more important than an 8th graders attempts. i just feel like 1/2 of artists have something to say worth hearing, and the other half just want to be heard above others, or to be different and special. 

ok, that last comment sounds harsh, there are a lot of great creators out there, and hopefully many more than i am aware of, its just that the "thin" ones are just so prevalent that it sometimes clouds the more subtle talented folk.

ok, welp, thats about it. my good friend david abbott is in town for a few more days. spending time with him has been really important to me. its so nice to know that i still have long-distance friends who care about me and enjoy my time. also, adam hopkins will be coming up with his special-lady-friend heather on tuesday for some grimaldi's, followed shortly thereafter by ryan shean. all great friends who make me appreciate what i've been able to hang on to from my past experiences.

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