and this shall be the new portrait

here's how i work on my laptop sometime... like an old fashioned 8x10 camera covering... only.... modernized and fully equipped with a PowerBook and Fleece... blue at that.

anyway... scary under there no?...

but really.... its pretty safe... as you can tell by my smile

there are a few images i stumbled upon today at work by a photographer named paul outerbridge. i like the images... and thought you might too.

when i did a google search for his name... this image came up, i thought the cropping was a strange choice but liked it... i thought david abbott would find it inspiring... do you?... do you david?...

ok, well thats it for images.

but there are some other things to talk about.

firstly, i just bought tickets to see the final masada show on march 10th, 2008. thats right, john zorns band is breaking up and the final show (double billed with the one and only cecil taylor) will be encroached upon by yours truly and fiamma ... Row C, seat 110 and 112.

some of us wonder where adam hopkins is and why he's not in seat 108 or 114?...

also, i recently started reading Don Delillo's WHITE NOISE.  this book is amazing. its something of a cross of great story prose in but with poetic stylinged voice. its really a beautiful read as a novel and line by line as poetry. probably the first book i have ever seen like this and though i am only at the forefront of it, i am excite bike about the rest.

also, the character Jack has a wonderful perception of his wife babette. he sees her as this wonderful counterpart and learning resource. this view of ones marital companion is something to be admired. nicholson baker's character in box of matches has the same kind of amdiration-filled respect for his wife and i hope to one day have the same in real life.

finally, as it is march 1st... i am cleanly shaven... shorn like a newborn wet mouse. my chin is small and naked amidst the lousy smarch weather breezes. the interim shaving left me with an arrow on my face for a few days, the conquistador beard  styling as well. i liked the latter very much atop my mouthy region and can foresee me sporting such facial hairs later on in life.

ok... thats it for now - i need to go back to work, i just thought i'd write a little musing becuase i was inspired by craig deardorffs blog and how often he updates.

back to work.

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