and this shall be the new portrait

this is a call to those who are "good with wood"
now yes... it rhymes, but also... its legitimate.

i have designed a very simple, yet specific drafting table, but my extremeties do not know the craft of draft table building... so i am looking in the direction of you readers who might be, or might know someone who is good with wood (adam winner... i am specifically giving you the eye on this one.... not the " hey big fella" eye... but the "come on help a guy out" eye.

i will pay good money and will befriend strongly those wishing to make a few bucks and get a new friend. the basic premise of this is that i need a simple drafting table with specific measurements and a few odd requests. if anyone is interested, please email for more information.

that is the first part of this musing; a request/plea if you will

the second is a regular type email.
as it is saturday.

i just cleaned the apartment, and boy its a good feeling to have things clean. it turns a havoc-ridden place into a sanctuary what with a little swifter-ing and scrubbing.

also, it helps that i was listening to my new charlie parker and coltrane CDs which were the payment for a print from my good friend delia. charlie parker really can make you wanna swing a feather duster if you know what i mean.

the coltrane album is a three disc set of coltrane and europe. predominantly the classic quartet of jimmy garrison, elvin jones, mccoy tyner and johnny boy. but also reggie workman joins in for a few and our good friend eric dolphy even shows up for three tunes. in this set, the band plays its only live performance of the love supreme suite. the performance starts out a bit shaky... but they really do some great things during pursuance thats for sure.

also, in graz, switzerland, the band plays autumn leaves. this was one of the first jazz standards i ever learned and resultantly holds a special place in my heart. the band rarely plays it, but in graz... they played the crap out of it... and it made me very happy.

and now for something completely different...

i was thinking earlier about the phrase "i was once your age" or " i was once like you" "you should've known me when".. its a sad statement that you normally hear grown ups (past their prime) saying to younger generations who are just entering their prime. and i am by no means in any prime... or maybe i am... but i would like to formally say that i am now "once my age" and that i think that i am going to try and look at that perspective from the future back into the present. i dont really know what i am saying... but i am my age. thats for sure. i started thinking of this notion when i was cleaning just now and i had to sneeze or so i thought. i went through the preliminary loud-intake gust of air and tried to "achoo"... but only got the "ach...." the "...choo" never came. and i felt silly. i was all by myself, but i even felt sorry for myself, and said outloud, "funny, i used to never have that problem of a balk sneeze when i was younger."  which turned into me thinking about being in my prime.

dutch and i are planning on doing a performance piece about being in the prime of ones life, but this requires vast amounts of research which we are just now beginning. i hope we start the piece before we are past our relative primes.... speaking of which, did you know the peak age of a male tennis player is twenty five years old?

speaking of that... i really have a strong desire to do some sort of regulated, competitive sport that will tire me out on a weekly basis. i dont know the sport or exactly who would want to do it with me yet, but i think something like tuesday night racquetball with craig or bj or something would be really great. if they dont want to do it though, perhaps i will have to wait until josh powell or adam hopkins or aaron gause show up and then we can pick a weird sport to drain all of our energies so we can be completely out of breath.

the other night i was on the train and i was trying to remember things to write, and i wrote them on my hand. but usually my hand gets washed by my other hand. so in order to keep it fresh, i took a picture with my new digital camera that i carry around anywhere

notice the pink nailpolish on my indexed finger. it was so i could see what color i needed to make penelope cruz's finger in a Loreal Ad i am working on at work. also, notice the WHITE NOISE book i mentioned i was reading in the last musing... its real neat and worn... that fiamma can really pick books out that are worn nicely.

anyway, to get to the notes on my hand - i find it funny that a filbert is the same nut as a hazelnut, and that filbert is a boys name and hazel is a girls name. are these the masculine and feminine namingg counterparts to nuts? should all nuts be so politically correct i wondered?

also, i was thinking about the word "overarticulation" and the fact that you almost have to overarticulate the word "overarticulation" just to get it out. i don't know if thats onomonopiaditc (i dont know the proper spelling of that word and am apparently so far off that the dictionary can't even guess"

finally. does anyone know where i can buy a beer cozy? i don't want to keep a beer cold or anything, i just want to cut the neopren-ish material into a sleeve for the aforementioned camera. i want a protective, thin, wet-suit like sleeve to keep my camera thin yet safe in my pocket. a beer cozy was the cheapest way to get such a material that i could think of.

also on this musing, formal apologies to this guy above. in a previous musing i called him craig DEARDORFF. however, we all know full well that his real last name is ONE. craig ONE is his name and we are sorry for ever mentioning any other name.

finally, here's a semi-up-to-date picture of myself again. there have been a lot of narcissistic pictures of myself lately, but this one does a good deed at least in showing you the new, aforementioned camera that is going to document my life, and a part of my facial hairs.

welp, it is getting a little later on in the day, and i would like to take a shower and then go watch cool hand luke. and then go eat 40 eggs.

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