and this shall be the new portrait

it's a real nice phrase to start off with. usually people end conversations with the term. if they get it at all. but i wanted it to sit in the beginning of this musing. as you may have noticed in this week's musing. i am showing my mother's handwriting. i really like her writing and know it better than i know most things. it was the writing that wrote on my lunch bags as a kid, and holds a very special place in my heart.... soon it might just hold a very special place on my arm...

on a different note. but slightly similar since i was just talking about lunch bags... i want to extend a thanks to those at AppleJacks™ who are responsible for the packaging of their fine breakfast cereal. i dont know if any of you have tried them recently, but the bag alone is worth the $4.29 or whatever it is they cost these days. unlike kit kat wrappers (which i showed my distaste for their new wrappings in an earlier musing), the AppleJacks™ bag is a wonderful hybrid of tin foil, and wax paper. it is able to maintain a shape and have a texture i just love to hold. it really feels like its a superior yet old timey type of bag that could've gone out the window with saltines tin boxes... but no, the AppleJacks™ folks stayed strong and kept with their superior packaging and i won't let it go unnoticed. well done folks.

i have laid claims recently to giving up time on visual artmaking to get back to playing music. well i wanted to show proof that the arsenal does indeed come out of the closet and get played. this past weekend, dutch and i started putting together ideas and songs for teh forthcoming band FACEBREAKER. our band will probably be in the vein of western and anthem music and will most assuredly be a lot of fun. after a weekend of working on a few tunes with dutch, i also got the chance to just play over some old hendriz tunes real nice and loud on the gross-looking red guitar on the left of the image. it was a whole lot of fun and i hope to keep it up.

also on the music front, i will soon be purchasing two GRIFFIN products called the iMic and GarageBand cable. these will allow me to plug a mic directly into my computer and use with ProLogic and/or GarageBand to record some ideas i have for a forthcoming short CD and book that i hope to have finished within the year. we shall see how that panders out. so far it involves two covers of a march from Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet ballet and the old jazz tune Stardust. Also, I am just starting to write a simple lullabye and hope to fill up the album with maybe two or three other tunes i am to write. while the disc may be short, an extensive book and hopefully nice packaging will include some new artworks, prose and ideas i have.

the EXHUMIST seems to be in hibernation for now, but that doesn't mean i can't make books in other ways now does it?

here's just a quick snapshot of my hallway. it receives the kindest light from about 4-5pm. it feels so nice to be in it.

and finally, here is the ceiling i look at when i wait for the elevator at my work in the mornings. i am particularly fond of the delicate flower randomly in the field of whitish-yellow.

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