and this shall be the new portrait

i would like to know if others have my problem.
it seems that even though my stomach is turning bulbous of its own volition. i still need to wear shirts that are mediums. and sometimes even smalls.

though truth be told... sometimes theyre even larges.

regardless of the size actually, i need shirts that are usually pretty slim. the problem is... the arms are too small on these shirts.

i'm not saying that i've got big guns, its more my armpit areas that are tight. inasmuch, i always wind up owning these great shirts that fit perfectly except for being tight in the armpits.

as i wear said shirts, my armpits can not breathe as they must, and get angry and start licking my shirts. then... with repetition of the aforementioned events, my once loved shirts get tarnished by armpit color manipulation.

this is not remedied by deodorant, and actually i think it might even be the deodorant that is caking the area and causing at least part of the problem.

but what is a fella like me supposed to do? undershirts? they DO create a buffer layer, but also tighten and warm up the problem area.

any advice anyone?

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