and this shall be the new portrait

my friend josh...he writes some nicely poetic stuff... here's a clip:

The grand opening of a store, which was celebrating with an old woman dressed in a creepy clown costume singing Korean pop songs from decades ago. Old men were taken back to their youth as they danced suggestively with her.

One morning while sleeping at Ji's place (she lives in a neighborhood built on a very steep hill) we woke to the unbelievably loud sound of ripping and twisting metal. Just as unbelievable was the fact that we immediately fell back to sleep. Later we found out that an SUV which had been parked on the street just outside her house the night before, had somehow began rolling backwards and plummeted down a concrete stairway taking out the balcony of someone's home (Ironically, the previous day the man had been doing cement work on that very same balcony). Also, when entering Ji's house the night before I had noticed the SUV and thought to myself, "I hope that guy put his emergency brake on." Luckily it happened at like 5 am so no one was using the stairway at the time.

When I'm around Mike I can not communicate in my normal voice.

I discovered a new love for the word "parameter."

for more go to his site PALINDROAM

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