and this shall be the new portrait

i don't curse. i am not 100% certain when i decided to make that a life decision and not just a coincidence or lack of language usage.

but every so often, i realize how much more zing some of my conversations would be if i could throw in the occasional explitive. not any mean or angry word... just something to pack a little more punch.

for instance, i have been recently thinking how i would like a retort to be "no S-H-I-T!"  (notice i spelled out the word there, thus not actually saying the curse but rather illustrating my point). but i think that would just be a great reply to statements like:

    other person:    guess what? i just got fired from my job
    tj response:       no S-H-I-T!


    other person:    i can't remember the last time i had this much fun
    tj response:       no S-H-I-T!

see?.... doesn't it work wonders?

is it worth breaking my 25 and 50 weeks run of not cursing?
the juries out on it....

another quote i liked that i heard last night was during a film that my roomate chandra was watching... it goes as follows:

aerosmith's daughter  - liv tyler:     i can't just move to new orleans.
ben affleck brother - casey affleck:    you can if you do

thats comedy i say... gull darn comedy.

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