and this shall be the new portrait

i bet you thought this musing was for the great coltrane tune. didn't you? diiiiidn't you?

though i wish it were, and while this musing does have a mention of the great trane... the "one down, one up" was actually in reference to some weblogs. 

you see... my friend josh powell just left japan after a two year stint there, and as such, his beloved weblog PALINDROAM reached its demise.
however, as the interwebbing will have it... another wonderful weblog came to fruition at the same time... thus being the "up" of the "one down, one up".

that weblog is a link here called CROWDED SERPENTS and is the work of none other than john mcglinchey. musician extraordinair out in berkely california... john is doing some good work on the left coast and his blog is definetely worth a bi-daily check in.

as for the coltrane reference i promised... recently i've been walking to work with two "C's". a carrot and a coltrane tune. those two really start my day off AOK. the carrott is one of those full, cartoon-like carrotts with the green stems still on. it looks beautiful almost as if bugs bunny himself would be gnawing on it. but no... it is i, as i  listen to coltrane and try and tackle another day in the work world that is greying me so.

lastly, i am about to take a temporary hiatus from that work world to do some traveling. i'd tell you where and such... but then what would be the surprise when i return at the end of the month?.... check back in...

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