and this shall be the new portrait

hello friends of huffart. we just wanted to inform you that YOU too can now be an active member in the huffarting process. thanks to newly created software by sigfrido chirinos... pages such as the WRITINGS page now give you the option to add comments to things such as daily musings. this recent addition will soon be available on all easelweb pages such as ADAMHOPKINSBASS.COM .

as far as new art for tj. he is just finishing up on a flash site he is co-creating with aforementioned sigfrido. the site is for world-renowned chef enrique olvera and will be up very soon. tj is also working on designs for gypsy guitarist extraordinaire stephane wrembel. tj is working on 3 cd designs, as well as designing stephanes second book and working on the art for a forthcoming instructional dvd.

finally, some new sketches from his travels will hopefully soon be up on this site... as well as some photos for the musings.

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