and this shall be the new portrait

so i know some of you are awaiting photos and info about my recent travels.
and i dont blame you.
i really dont blame you at all.
and if i did, that just wouldn't make any sense now would it?
so why would i even assign blame?
are you in trouble?.... no... you're not.
why would you be?... i'm not blaming anyone. not even you.

youre grounded!

sorry - that slipped.

ok... well the info about the trips is going to come. there are less images than i had hoped for becuase my camera decided to break on me.
well not on me
but with me

anyway. the trip involved some mexican times with the piacentini/olvera clan. as well as a noreastern roadtrip to the canadian world with the j-po clan(can clan be for a single entity i wonder?).

those pictures and more information will come.
with some fascinating conversational snippets betwixt myself and some old men.
and if we're lucky - perhaps i can put a video or two up from the trip

in the meantime, i want to talk about communal, unbridled, enthusiasm/excitement.
last night i went to the knitting factory to see aaron gause and adam hopkins play in the panacea band. panacea is the rerouted version of a band i was once apart of during my college years named RPM. while adam and aaron were the best parts in my mind, i always enjoy the enthusiasm that hip hop groups exude when they play. even the band prior and post the panacea group... while maybe not the best goups around... really gave off an air of being the greatest thing around.

and i think thats been a thought on my mind a lot recently. i want to have communal exertion. i want to be a part of something, where me and at least a few others are really exerting ourselves in an excited manner to the point of exhaustion. this sometimes comes out in sports, and musical groups... and i miss it in my daily routine. perhaps i need to surround myself with more weirdos like myself to really let the proverbial weird juices flow... but i really want to be less grey.

i need to ponder how best to do this.
i think for me it will be musically directed.

more to come on this later.... as i am at work right now and must return to the actual work part of work. the erk.

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