and this shall be the new portrait

i am alive everyone.
just for the FYI

i dont like the phrase FYI though
so please don't use it around me
i might just keel over.

and then who would write these musings?...

due to the inspiration that i received whilst biking two weekends ago with craig into the city... i decided to bike to work this morning.
and i must say; the sojourn left me feeling pretty awake (sans coffee) and i had a great view of the city and a great ride. bear in mind the weather was 68 and sunny and probably each ride all year long might not be as perfect... but i would like to make this more of a routine i hope.

also... i raced the Q train over the manhattan bridge. we were neck and aluminum neck for a while... but i beat it. so it turns out.. the bike'll be faster indeed. Bichael B. Faster. one thing however though, that i know that i am going to need to change is my breaks. i had two near collisions. one coming off the manhattan bridge as i raced through some curvy terrain... and one near faceplant with a rear view mirror. my breaks just barely afforded me safety. i will have to remedy this

another bit i would like to talk with you about is PANDORA.COM. this is a great website if you want to expand your horizons on your music interests. it works like a personalized radio station, wherein you put the name of a band you like, and the site plays a sequence of songs relating to your selected artist. wherein you can direct this music by thumbs-upping or downing their choices. pretty neat methinks.

another little neat thing is ONE MILLION FORGOTTEN MOMENTS. this is the greatest bit of live art i have seen during my time in new york city. up there (for me) with phillip glass buys a loaf of bread... this is a play wherein the audience sits in theatre seats with the full regalia of opera glasses and handheld fans. now these seats have been put into place in an old porn shop just affront city hall in new york city. the porn has since been removed obviously, and the audience faces out the front window of the shop onto the sidewalk, street, median and park where the performance takes place. a whole slew of dada-esque dance, comedy, magic and acting troupes play on the city hall grounds amidst traffic and the public a play all about new york city, its history and current.  it was an amazing performance (with my very own roomate dancing in it ; MELINA GAC-ARTIGAS) but what made is really great... was that it was all about appreciating new york city. in the audience, you realize what a bit of history you are amidst - and likewise - creating.

there is much more to come - but i need to return to work - and return to making angry-squinty eyes at the SONY people for breaking my camera and then blaming me (which is the reason there are no photos on the musings these days)

one million forgotten moments -

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