and this shall be the new portrait

i have been thinking lately. and no. let me change that. i think this all the time, but i have resolved lately to get out of the grey area middle of things. i realize that deep down inside i like to be a person of extremes. its like, a see-saw is only fun if youre at then end - the middle of the see-saw is just wobbly and boring... but especially if you put a fat kid on the other end... being on one extreme of some larger adversity can be really great. it can also be real disastrous... but real great. i want to try some new things these days - and try them full-heartedly. thus going out on a limb. for instance starting a new home. thats a limb and i am buying all sorts of new stuff and comforts of a home. but if the day comes that i decide having vast quanities of "stuff" isn't the tj ideal... then i will hopefully sell it all, and reduce my posessions and home comforts to a minimal as possible.

with this in mind, or actually, its a tangent - but somewhat similar... i am about to start a 3-day apple fast. in hopes to do something that i've never done before, and something out of my comfort zone. this will start on perhaps monday or wednesday of next week wherein i will eat only apples for three days... ending with the embibing of two tablespoons of olive oil. i will then supposedly have vast energies, a cleaner kidney... and some other things.

also, this year... beard season is going along swimmingly. i have my red-tinged face that is getting bushier by the day. i hope this year to train my beard to have a long underbelly, short sides, and a large moustache parted in the center. a litle more wiley  than the prior two years.

here are some primo examples of beards for you:

the late, great walt whitman

moondog (sans viking helmet)

and of course... stevezie

another bit... while i am not currently teaching, i do plan to take a college course this winter to recertify my teaching abilities. in the meantime, i was recently inspired by my friend and old professor beryl solla. beryl has always been making teaching something more fun and different than most art teachers... and this hasn't stopped recently. she teaches at a college in virginia and recently made a blogspot posting for her class. what a simple and efficient way to bring in modern  webby-ways into the classroom. giving the students something to show and be proud of. you can view HERE if you like.

so i hope to put the proverbial fat kid of adversity opposite me on future choices and really go out on the limb trying things - and if it doesnt work out - i will try the exact opposite.. .and only once i have tried the extremes, do i think i will appreciate a balance for what it is - as opposed to just a middle grey.


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