and this shall be the new portrait

remember when you used to tell someone to hold their tongue with their fingers and then say "apples"?
oh man that was real fun. those were the gosh darned days.

but i want to talk apples on another level today. i mean sure, i could hold my tongue while i type "apples" but thats much less fun and then my keyboard gets slimy. nobody wants a slimy keyboard... except maybe a slug. i bet those guys really love slimy keyboards but seriously. i am on the last day of my apple fast. this fast started on sunday night when i stopped eating regular food and drink and confined myself to soley apples and water until wednesday night. wherein, i would embibe 2 tbsp of olive oil and then slowly but surely on thursday bring food back into my diet. of course this is supposed to clean ones' system as well as give energy and such... but for me it was just something funny and a bit trying. and i like both of those elements. i had two others join me on this adam hopkins and his special-lady-friend-heather. now no offense to special-lady-friend-heather, but she ducked out early in the race - i'd say even day one. now here we are, on day 3... just adam and i left. but to be honest, it wasn't as nearly as hard as i thought. i mean... yes, i do crave salty cheesy things (especially when meredith mcglinchey types to me about cheesesteak empanada concoctions), but the apples were delicious and filling enough to keep me semi-happy for 3 days. though would i want to do another three? probably not right now.

i would love  a cup of coffee though.
cups of coffee are great
when the weather has turned octerberly fall-like, and you want to hold the hot mug with both hands. oh man.... in about a week that will be perfect. and i will do just that. perhaps perched on my fire escape, like some sort of  caffeine-loving-gargoyle.

this musing was originally set up to talk about art... and i haven't done too much of that recently. but on that front... i recently received and assembled my drafting table... fully equipped with a giant magnifying light. all i need to do now is finish the customizing of it to maximize woodcutting... but as soon as that is done - there are two new woodcuts in the plans... as well as a painting even... can you believe it? a real gosh darned painting.  there is some freelance design work in the mix as well... but art is coming... i can feel it. music too - that stuffs coming also.
oh heavens is it ever.

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