and this shall be the new portrait

"here's another musiing for  all you lovely readers out there" - that's how i would start this musing off if i were a disc jockey and this were my radio show.

i wanted to write you to let you know about snap studio. this is a printmaking co-op / gallery / studio in bristol, england started by our dear friend david abbott (among others). even if you will not be crossing the english channel to get to bristol and take a look at the studio itself, i strongly suggest you peruse their webbed site HERE.

As a little taste tester, i've included a few images from SNAP STUDIO that i quite enjoy. its real great to see people starting up projects like this from scratch at such a young age. ok... here's the images:

speaking of  images. i just got an email from the Laredo Repair Center saying that I was correct and my camera malfunctions were indeed not my fault but rather covered under warranty. inasmuch, they repaired my camera and i was completely reimbursed for extra shipping. in just 2 short days i will be able to photograph once more and cover these internetty walls with pictures.

lastly, the apple fast ended last night. it wasnt as climactic as i had hoped, but i am happy to be back to food today. real happy

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