and this shall be the new portrait

i have had a rocky relationship with myspace.
at first i liked it,
and what it could offer with regards to keeping semi-loose ties to people that you would feel too awkward to write a direct email or give a direct call to. it was kind of like when you hang out with a whole group of friends so you don't feel awkward just being one on one with someone.... a buffer if you will

but then i started disliking the ratings system and having to keep up with another internetty mode of communication and all the nuances that go into that.... so i jumped off that myspace boat.

but one thing i have come back to really appreciate is what myspace has done for music. it is a great vehicle to listen to free music and to travel through a whole web of different bands to almost infinite proportions.

inasmuch, here is a list of some bands that i like that i have either found on myspace, or have taken advantage of the taste tests of music

click the links for goodness sakes:

if there are some that you'd like to pass our way, please leave them as a comment on this musing.

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